2019 Trampa Helical Drive(SOLD)

Price: sold

Pm me and I can quote shipping from UPS

Paypal preferred

Trampa 154kv motors
Trampa helical gears
Trampa helical pinions(red locktite on motor shaft)
Trampa motor and gear enclosure and skid plates guards
Trampa truck with enclosure mounted and aligned
ALL Screws (m4)
Like new, only used for a few months last year. Switched to an etoxx drive solely for more clearance, even tho I ride mostly on flat dirt or asphalt (hard terrain is rough on the knees even with the dampers). Been sitting for a few months now, but I cleaned it up and wiped most of the old white silcone lube off.

Please dont hesitate to ask for more pictures

Uploading: 9B1AC764-04E1-46B1-987D-837BE2C2806E.jpeg… Uploading: D051B5F0-2C96-423F-9082-577B7EF89D2E.jpeg…


Everything is aligned on truck already. Pretty much just need to plug in and configure to your vesc or esc. After some fresh lube of coarse :slight_smile:

Gearing is 1:5.8

Still taking offers

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