20 Years of Barrett Junction

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What it is

This event will be a 1.8 mile uphill electric skateboard race at a Downhill event to commemorate 20 years of #barrettmotherfuckingjunction,
The world’s longest standing downhill race. This is going to be big! Racing, live music, camping, gambling, don’t miss it! 

Please note that this is an Outlaw event. There will be no permits, not permission, no medics on standby, just a bunch of hooligans engaging in hooliganery. 

When it is

This event takes place January 19-21, 2019. The following is a rough schedule that may be subject to change:

Saturday, January 19th:

  • 10am practice
  • 3pm Classic luge / Team racing / Masters / Uphill Race
  • 4:30pm Women’s skate and women’s luge
  • 7pm/ after dusk TECATE 500
  • 8pm-12am Live music at the cafe

Sunday, January 20th:

  • 10 am practice
  • 1pm Luge, Am skate
  • 2:45pm Pro skate
  • 6-10pm Live music and awards at the cafe

Monday, January 21st:
After camping at the cafe we will tour several Southern California classics starting with San Diego favorites Zuma and Backside, then north to GMR and Malibu.

Where it is

1020 Barrett Lake Rd, Dulzura, CA 91917

Get Registered

$25.00 race entry includes event T-shirt. Registration and entry fee are due on the hill at the event. 

Bands please contact Brandon or Ryan Farmer directly to get a set list together. Even if arrangements have been made already, please call and verify.

Meal and beer tokens with entrance and live music Saturday night until midnight and Sunday until 10!

T shirts and swag bag included as well!

  • $50 pro skate
  • $25 (includes meal, shirt,swag, NO beer token) Am, Luge, classic luge Women’s luge, Women’s skate.
  • $5(or 5 beers) Tecate 500,
  • Team racing is free, the rules will be announced on the hill
  • Masters Skate and Master’s Luge are free (40+)

More Details

For more details on registration, or for any event related questions, contact Brandon Biggs at stoogeraceboards@hotmail.com

More information can be found on the facebook event page: https://m.facebook.com/events/433405593843526

Photo @godofbiscuits1

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Race Roster

  • Joe Vivilacqua
    dual motor Carvon Speeddrive v4 build, 12s4p on 97mm flywheels. Board name “Marble”
  • Ben Glenn
    Enertion R2x4 quad 
  • Art Zuniga
    Stooge V1 3-link dropdeck mod.8 geardrive 8400w custom dual
  • Jason Lucier
    Custom Dual RB, DH-37
    “Purple People Eater”
  • Jonner
    Hoyt Race Spec
  • Justin Morgan
    12kw Stooge Raceboard 44″ Woody
  • Moe Stooge
    10kw Stooge Raceboard
    “Ol Gumpy”

The roster, along with event details, are still being updated and may be subject to change. Check back often for current updates. 


We had 20 +/ - riders take to the hill for this first ever event. The course.surface proved challenging with it’s cracks and washboard patches. The start was grab a spot, double file on an arm drop. The field was mostly made up of DIY with production parts boards represented by Ollin, Enertion, Hoyt. (If I missed any prodo boards please add In the comments).
Jason Lucier(DIY) took off like a rocket and had held the lead. His only Challenger was Justin Morgan(DIY) who ran him down. Justin was making an outside pass for the lead with two turns left in the race, lost control of the rough racing surface and went off into the ravine, board and all.

photo by Brad T Miller

Jason went on to win. @moestooge (DIY) finished P2 and @arzamenableP3 (DIY).
Top finishing production parts board went to @Chaka (Ollin).

P1 Jason Lucier photo by Brad T Miller

P2 @MoeStooge a Brad T Miller photo

P3 @azamenable photo by Brad T Miller

Top production board @chaka Ollin Board
a Brad T Miller photo


You guys seem to have a blast each time you race. The road quality is crap on the pictures but it adds a fun component to the race, doesn’t it ?

Can’t wait for this summer event in French with CarveUK. Pretty sure it will be more AT than street but there will be a lot of people, boards, race, fun.


This is where esk8 Up-hill began. Hope to see ya-all at Barrett 2022 Come compete and support with your local DH community. Run what-cha brung. We will match you up in Novice, Sportsman or Open class. Race Up-hill with people making the same speed that you make. Open to all skill and board levels.


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Dammit…. Last weekend I’m not free :sob:

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Barrett Junction 2022 esk8 Up-Hill race.