2 custom built boards USA $1950USD each

[USA] Haya HB92 TorqueBoards DD 75kv Sanyo 20700b 12S4P MetrPro and Trampa Kaly drive TB 6380 170KV Sanyo 20700b 12S4P MetrPro. I will only ship in the USA. The lights are not being sold with the boards. NOT INTERESTED IN A TRADE OF ANY TYPE.

Item 1
**Haya HB92 TorqueBoards DD 75kv Unity Sanyo 20700b 12S4P MetrPro GBombs **:
Price ($1950.00USD):

Item 2
Trampa Kaly drive TB 6380 170KV Unity Sanyo 20700b 12S4P MetrPro:
Price ($1950.00 USD):


What cells

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OPPS 20700b 4250mah (Sanyo) not 20500. Editing title to reflect.


Decided to keep both boards since people want you to give stuff away on here. Disregard. Not selling either of them.

Can a mod please delete or close this for me please. Thank you so much.

Here, I’ll help you out… @xsynatic