2 broken motors + anti spark switch and more [EU]

Hello everyone,

I’ve got some stuff I’m not going to use anymore so I might as well put it up for sale.

Alienpowersystems 6374 190kv 3200 Watt Sensored BROKEN (is not a hard fix). 35 euro

The thing is that a phase cable broke because of a bad solder joint. You have to take the motor apart and resolder it, then you’ll be good to go. I don’t want to do it myself because I’m very inexperienced in taking apart motors.

Anti spark switch from electric skateboard. repair (sprusi.com). Only installed but never used. 22 euro

Keda 6364 190kv 2000 Watt motor. BROKEN. This motor has a short and needs to be rewinded. 10 euro for the handy man

Belts: 2x 265mm 15mm 1x 260mm 9mm
2 euro a piece.

Shrinkwrap for 18650s. 2 meter long. 4 euro.

Also got some nylon braid 8mm. Some DC charging sockets and 12 and 10 awg wire if you need some I can add a little for free to your order.

All prices don’t include shipping from the Netherlands!

Thank you for looking and have a good day :slight_smile:

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Interested in the antispark if is the one with push to start and auto off :crossed_fingers:

It’s this one. 6 euro cheaper when buying from me :slight_smile:

Is not the model I’m looking :frowning:

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Lowered prices! Bump

interested in the shrinkwrap

Bump to the top

I’m interested in the antispark switch, how much shipped to Italy?

I’ll take that APS motor PMing you now

If still available ill take alienpower motor, shrink wrap and 12-10 awg wire. Hoe much for postal in Ireland