18S BMS? what do you all reco?

Got a fun bike project in the works and need reco’s on 18S BMS’s Please lmk which you guys like/recommended. All the werid voltages quoted on HV BMS’s is throwing me off.

For example:

Is this a 21S BMS or a 18S BMS? says it goes to 75.6V (18s) but then the title says 21s…

Cell and enclosure mock pics for fun:

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I don’t get why the pictures have so few wires? Shouldn’t it have 22 wires on it?

lol good catch they for sure just did some photoshoppin

that 21 and 72 are def not for that 6 pin example

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i can find u a Daly 18s liion regular or “smart” bms if u want?

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yeah man i’ll take it just trying figure out whats available/best for the price

I like Daly’s they’re good bms’s especially for the size and price. But they do not have the balance current to keep a pack of that size maintained. 4P is my cutoff, after that I go smart BMS for the static balance and to be able to monitor with that lovely Bluetooth app, so I would advise the same. Alternatively, you could try one of those expensive balancer boxes that are balancing in amps not mA.

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bit of a BMS noob never sourced them myself, links would really help me!

I haven’t actually used one of these balancer boards myself, so I don’t know how well they work, but they were introduced to me by @Scepterr

As for the smart bms, LLT is the go to. Tho I do believe the higher voltage ones are quite large.