170kv motors on a Meepo Hurricaine?

I have a Meepo Hurricane that uses 6374 165kv motors. One side is making some seriously ugly sounds despite being disassembled and cleaned and is probably going to crap out on me soon. Could I replace the 165kv motors with 170kv motors or will I have issues? Thanks in advance!

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This is a really good question. I wonder how the esc would react to a different motor…165 and 170kv is practically identiacal :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:


It is a LingYi 100amp ESC. What kind of undesirable things could happen?

Hi there, I had the same issue after installing the 100A ESC in my Hurricane, it clearly reduced the lifespan of my motors. First motor started making noises after the first two rides, finally sent my flying after the fourth ride. Meepo replaced the motor under warranty, so then I received the newer version motor, been riding for few weeks with the two different Motors, before the other one fell apart…

Which motors are you using, the upgraded one’s? Would be keen to hear how your change of motors turns out :slight_smile:

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I’m current using the old ones. I purchased by Hurricane last Dec so I am pretty sure the warranty has expired. If worse comes to worse, I may need to purchase motors directly from Meepo. Damn! Meepo wants $169 for a motor!

Skyart, can you make a set of 165kv motors for me???

Last dec? I ordered last nov, and they are just sending me the second motor. The warranty is for a full year, so you should be fine. They are also replying much fast then before, seems like they are trying to get ride of the shitty service reputation (which I thin they actually deserved previously).

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Sounds like an excuse to buy some flipsky 6374’s and a stormcore to vesc swap it to me…


Can do

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Can hobbywing do motor detection?

These motors are likely to have a +/- 10% acceptable variance on the Kv from the factory. So around 148.5 to 181.5 Kv


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Not that I know of. The Hurricane uses Lingyi.

yes with a big quotation mark, this function is not being advertised, and has only been shown in a single video from dkwan (out of all the prebuilt board video that i’ve seen that uses hobbywing esc). i highly doubt even if that feature still exist, not many people is even aware of its existence.

edit: when i was swapping the belt drive to hub drive on my x1pro, on the exway app, after u toggle to another drivetrain setup, app will ask u stay away from the drivetrain for a bit, and it does seem to do some sort of motor detection, but i can’t say for sure.


I’m kind of surprised by the amount of variance. If you get a set of motors and one is -10% and the other is +10%, that seems like it could lead to issues.

Yes there can be quite a variance. But typically motors are within a few KV. This is at least true for my motors. I used to test the first few batches I got and the biggest variance I found would have been under 3kv if I happened to install the 2 particular motors on one board


How do you know the current it is rated for? I could never find that information based on the information printed on the ESC or looking up the parts.

Also, yes, pre-built companies have very over priced replacement parts :weary: Only time I’ve seen them at a good price is the batteries from backfire which can end up being priced very generously. Or at least that was the case last year when I got a battery through them.

They also allow for some variance in the remote used if it is another Ling-yi based remote. Although a poorly paired remote will result in some issues and delays but it isn’t bad enough to make a board a death trap.

meepo had 2 esc version for the hurricane, they look different, so u can tell just by looking at it. also meepo listed them both on their website, one being 70a, another 100a version.

oof, i would not put that much faith on it. i was superman once because of their battery bms cutout on me :joy:

This does not help me identify any Ling-yi ESCs :sob: I just want to know so I can figure out the exact amps being put through my hub motor that refuses to die

This is why you bypass the BMS if using the battery with a VESC :rofl: I’ve not had any issues with capacity or cut out after 10 months of heavy use. I still have just a ling-yi esc in my board but once I switch to my new VESC I’ll be bypassing the BMS to avoid that problem.

u won’t be able to tell which is which, except maybe how recent it is. my guess is, most older lingyi esc is only about 40a, the foc-lingyi start with 60a iirc.

i had zero battery knowledge at that time. lean forward hard to brace for full throttle, next thing i know i was sliding on the ground already

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I can tell which ones are super old but I don’t know a set date since they don’t publish that information online. I think even searches in Chinese didn’t bring any information up. Been a while since I looked tbh

That is me when I forget my board is in reverse and hit accelerate while bracing forward :rofl: reverse is banned for me because I never learned and kept making that mistake

Yes. 9028 version does motor detection. I have a 12s and 13s version sitting here and they both worked with flipsky 6354 150,190kv and onsra 6368 170kv and also flipsky 6374 190kv. All detected fine.