!! 16S Custom Kaly Finally COMPLETE !!

Geared for 40mph with loads of torque at 10,000watts🚀

MAIN Components🔧:

Special thanks to @Skyart And @Sawyer Reynolds for making this come alive! Beautiful job!

Thank you to all in ESK8 Forum for helping answer many of my questions!

I just finished designing the skin!

  • Trucks, deck, gear drives, & wheels (8in. patties) by KALY.NYC



Kaly.NYC XL deck with custom Punisher Decal and Epoxy Coating @RickSlide


  • 16s5p p42a by Skyart



  • 138kv 6485s Skyart’s Motors


  • eboardsperu Double-stack fiberglass enclosure shaped to Kaly XL deck



  • Spintend dual 75v/200a V2

(Ubox V2 75V 200A Dual Motor Controller Based on VESC – Spintend)


  • Hoyt St. nylon puck

(Hoyt St Nylon Puck)

Bluetooth: Metr module

(Metr Pro – shop.metr.at)

Everything else:

Truck hardware:

  • M6 black oxide truck bolts & stainless steel nylon locnuts

  • black fender washers on deck-side for aesthetics


Enclosure hardware:


  • 5mm motor bullet connectors


  • XT90 battery connector

  • LP20 charge port (3-pin so Surron chargers work)



  • 1/4in. aluminum plate for thermal mass; bolted under vesc with thermal paste (Copper would’ve been a better choice, but is much more expensive)


  • all wire heatshrink is dual wall adhesive-lined (Wirefy 3:1; https://a.co/d/fJvNiiK)

  • 1/4in. closed-cell adhesive-lined neoprene foam for enclosure/deck weather seal, and battery vibration dampening ( XCEL closed-cell neoprene foam w/ adhesive lining; https://a.co/d/fueisTy)

  • 3m double-sided adhesive foam pads under battery and BMS for vibration dampening and to prevent movement or falling out when enclosure is opened


  • the same 3m adhesive foam pads used to mount remote receiver and Bluetooth module on opposing sidewalls of enclosure (backed up with fabric hot glue as well)

  • black fabric hot glue securing charge port & power button… On button solder points and all JST pins for strain-relief… and other random things (Surebonder Black Fabric Hot Glue; https://a.co/d/0parfBC)

  • friction harness tape on all random small wires to prevent movement, minimize signal noise, and dampen echos inside enclosure (Tesa 51608; https://a.co/d/gtHtzYa)

  • non-abrasive harness tape on main power leads and motor phase wires (where it’s needed), as well as other random points where wire rubbing occurs (Tesa 51036; https://a.co/d/bF6fUcm)

  • 1/8in. adhesive-lined closed-cell neoprene foam on all plastic connectors and random things to prevent internal rattling (XCEL Neoprene Foam Anti Vibration Pads with Adhesive; https://a.co/d/4KiEVvH)

  • VHB tape securing the aluminum plate w/vesc to the enclosure (Scotch-Mount Extreme Double-Sided Mounting Tape; https://a.co/d/3FkiG39)

Running v5.2 vesc FW


Heatsink: :white_check_mark:

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Back on that horse! Respect!

Board looks great, dude.

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Hell yah! Thanks Bill!