12T : 40T 5 M 15mm slippage?

Dual turnigy 6354(unsensored) motors with 120 cloud wheels. Wanting to go from 16 to 12 T on the motor pulleys. I don’t need the top speed and could use a bit more torque for stop-n-go areas. I’ve heard some people don’t use 12T pulleys because they slip. I’ve used theM without any trouble with 36T wheel pulleys.
Width is 15mm.

well 40T is larger than 36T, so with the same center-to-center distance the angle of the belt from the motor pulley to the wheel pulley will be even larger, resulting in less teeth engagement. If you have idlers, sure, go for it. Otherwise I think it’ll definitely slip. Maybe try 15T or 14T first?

On 120mm cloud wheels I’d personally purchase a 44T or 48T wheel pulley, but I understand that that can be expensive.

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The belt tooth engagement may become a problem, I would suggest idler mounts to help this issue.

I’d try 14/44 before I tried any 12T