12s Discharge BMS? Need recommendations

I’ve blown 2 of these:

And I’m looking for a new more reliable bms (nothing against Jared I love his products, the bms just isn’t working for me). I need it to be the same size if not smaller than the one I linked, and I need to discharge through it. Any suggestions?

If you blew 2 of a decent BMS, are you sure it’s not how you are using it?

Not that I know of, I’ve checked my wiring countless times and the diagrams themselves I’ve collected from different trusted members on the forum

Although it’s not currently in my hands, I have a DieBieMS on the way that would suit your needs.

Just make sure you have the space for it, since it’s larger (by 20mm in length and actually 10mm thinner in width) than what u have right now

Yeah my bms barely fits in rn, I literally don’t have a spare inch of space. I’m thinking of using this micro bms. Even tho it doesn’t balance I could take out my batteries every now and then and manually balance them myself

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Imo balancing is a must for me because I can’t be bothered to do that everytime I need to balance, but if you enjoy that type of thing 🤷

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That will get old really fast.

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I’m actually using lipos anyways so they have balancing plugs, also I used one of these a while ago and in a year the batteries barely came unbalanced.