12S BMS harnesses: Gauging interest

As you might have noticed, the DAVEGA shop started carrying the FlexiBMS so that people can easily pick up one along with a DAVEGA.

The FlexiBMS currently comes without a harness. JST crimps and connectors are provided so you can always create the harness on your own but it’s rather time consuming and also not everybody has good crimping pliers.

I would like to have the harnesses made and offer as an optional item. I have a very reliable supplier here in the Czech Republic who has been making the DAVEGA cables for me.

I’m considering the following specs:

  • 55 cm length
  • 24 AWG
  • silicone insulation
  • one black (gnd), 12 red

(This is just for ilustrating the insulation color. Wire count is wrong.)

Any thoughts on this? The 55 cm is based on the measurements I have done on my own pack. I wonder if anybody has a use case for more than 55 cm.


I’d be interested. It would simplify and give confidence to builders who don’t want to mess around with building batteries or wiring BMSes

I currently have some in LiPo packs and would rather add a BMS to them for convenience, rather than spending hundreds of dollars to replace them with equivalent 18650/2170 cylindrical packs.

If I had a BMS harness to connect my two 6s lipo batteries, I wouldn’t need to remove them from the pelican case on my deck to charge them, I’d just connect a charger.

So yes, I’d buy at least one with each FlexiBMS to suit the packs it was intended for.


Makes sense. Thanks for the feedback. Note though that the harness would primarily be intended for li-ion battery packs so the battery side of the wires would have no connectors. You would either have to add the connectors yourself or cut the connectors on the li-po balance leads and solder them to the harness directly.

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Or get some balance wire extensions you can plug and unplug for the lipos.

I support this idea. Honestly this is the only reason I skipped adding to cart for now… Looking at crimping pliers and wires like :grimacing:


Absolutely, I hate crimping those little things.

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It may not be elegant but it would be a simple solution.


also @janpom if you can make crimped wires for the llt bms im sure a bunch of people would want also

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