120mm cloud vs 97mm standard


I am living in area with not perfect roads. I mean it could be worse but I feel those clouds are more practical on perfomance board I am planning to get since choosing super fex deck is not an smart choise either. In North Europa roads are also wet most of the time except middle summer maybe. Correct me If I’m wrong with my thinking. Now the question for me is how much “good” I loose with those clouds in stability,cornering or whatever the difference is ?

Thoose strawberries must be the most beautiful wheels I’ve seen !


I don’t understand what the question is exactly, but the wheels are great. If your board can handle them they’re a great buy


Question is how they drive against 90-100mm standard wheels on very good roads where I dont need clouds. Another question is are they any better on wet (dangerous) roads.

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They’re great, very grippy. Better than any 97s or 100s

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No urethane wheel is good in rain.
Look towards pneumatics (rubber).

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Have you tried those rubber “rain wheels” Kellen?

Or anyone who’s tried both, could you give a comparison?


Not even slightly better?

I have used the MBS wheels (which might not be as good as the foamies but have similar patterns) in rain, and they are no good.


If urethane, get something like

Has anyone compared harfang to regular Thane in the wet? I’m sceptical that it will make any difference unless you are aquaplaning.

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Damn …those BOA CONSTRICTOR 100MM are expensive :open_mouth: : I mean …I can buy Cayenne for this money.

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That’s 112 euros free shipping, not expensive me think


Yeah…its actually CAD. But still 225 Cad =153.914eur + shippining to Europa. Not cheap.

Actually I was talking about the regular ones, they’re 165cad$

HELL YEA a 120mm wheel would be better than a 97mm wheel.

If comfort is your go to, go for the cloud wheels. You’ll lose a bit of range compared to the 97mm, but coooomfort…


Unless you change your gearing to suit, your torque is gonna take a biiiig hit.

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He’s asking how they feel on the rough vs how normal thane feels on the smooth

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Ah. My bad. It’s too early man. I didn’t read through the whole shit.

Tbh. 120s is the way to go as long as you have the pack to back them up.


But. Maybe he wants to consider Tb 110s 74a witch are solid wheels too.

They’re hand on hand with foamies and will most likely outlast them

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I just recently got some of the cloud wheels.
I like them.
I have think on regular pavement they are grippier than regular urethane.
They are pretty good for rough and sidewalk cracks.

I don’t know about wet. Have not tried.

It is winter here so there is lots of treatment on the road. Salt, sand, cinders.
I feel safer on the cloud wheels than on abec 107s. The 107s slide out pretty easy on that crap.
They are not as cushy as 6 inch pneumatics. But are not as hard on range either.

I think the ride feels closer to 107s than to 6 inch pneumatics.
But it is a bit cushier and grippier.