10S6P + charger + MakerX DV4S + Hoyt Puck

Bought all of these in November for a project I was working on to restore a golf skate caddy. You can see the whole thread if you search for it. Long story short… I am giving up as I just can’t keep throwing more money at this thing or my wife will murder me.

Battery was made by SBS I early November and I’ve only cycled it twice. Same for the DV4s and hoyt Puck. Only used a handful of times for testing. Paid 860 USD for the battery and charger alone (shipped). Looking to sell as a package if possible and recoup as much as I can for these LIGHTLY used parts. Will ship everything to US buyers for $800.


Taking any and all offers… :slight_smile:

Is there anywhere else you guys recommend I list this stuff?

How much for just the puck…

Asked the same thing, said hes tryna sell everything at once :sob:


Doesn’t do me any good to split it up, just lose more money w shipping. :frowning:

Consider this: you might not get any buyers for the full set, the battery especially is a very uncommon configuration for esk8. You could easily sell a lightly used dv4 and puck tho.



would be hard pressed to sell this as a set, esp at that price imo