10s6p 30q vesc tool setup

Hey everybody it’s been a minute.
Just built a 10s6p 30q pack
Haven’t done this in over a year so kinda forgot how too setup
Wonder what would best setup for vesc tool for
10s6p 30q
170kv maytech
Unity (first batch) with heatsink
6 shooters
By pass bms
Also what firmware
This would help since I will need too be commuting with this soon

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80A motor max
-60A motor min
40A battery max
-25A battery min
95% Max Duty Cycle
87% Duty Cycle Current Limit Start
85ms Fault Timeout

I would start there and see how it feels. You could probably raise motor max and battery max but I don’t know enough details about your battery and wiring, and those numbers should work fine and be more reliable for a commuter anyway.


Hey buddy. I remember you :slightly_smiling_face:
Good too see your still on here.
If I have any other questions I’ll post here
Thanks again