10s balance charger recommendations

I just built a 10s4p pack out of panasonic ncr18650bd cells and the bms doesnt want to charge the pack to 42v only to 39v mainly due to a p group being too low. Every cell was charged 1 at a time so im not sure why the bms thinks something is wrong but i figured a balance charger would help me find out what p group is lacking and hopefully compensate. Any recommendations?

It’s a bit spendy but I have this and it’s awesome UP1200AC PLUS 2X600W 15A 6-12S Battery UAV Drone Charger

15amps max current for big packs and can charge 2batteries at once :muscle:



Even more expensive, but with charging up to 35A, 2S to 16S and build in AC power supply

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16s also :boom:

It’s variable 2S to 16S, I meant to write “up to 16S”, sorry for confusion.

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No confusion :ok_hand:



Behold~! The true balance charger~! Heil Hydra~!. :squid:

charges group individually



Couldn’t you simply measure each P group voltage by using a multimeter on the balance leads?

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There are also these “active equalizers” boards for balancing, I know some people have used them here on forum.

Thats what i did but i have nothing to actually charge said p group so i figured a balance charger would be best

Ill look into these, thank you!

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It should at least let you know which P group is going wrong, and allow you to check on connections, individual cells, and stuff. There’s likely an ulterior reason why that group did not charge in the first place.

they are charged fine i checked everything with a multimeter before wiring everything together so i didnt have any balance issues but it seems the bms is just being an asshole for whatever reason

Hi all, with these balance chargers I would need to remove the BMS in the pack?

i wouldnt say remove it but u can just add an xt60 cable to ur pack and connect it that way and just disconnect the balance wires from the bms and connect it to the balance charger

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Wow, i have the 10s version and i love it. this one looks just :heart_eyes:

Short answer no, just unplug it. The balance charger will balance your cells everytime you charge. It’s just a hassle to have to connect the balance leads everytime you charge your battery. These chargers can fine tune everything if you have a good one. In the end though it will be much cheaper to get a bms and charging it normally. Good high voltage balance chargers are expensive.

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They dont sell the 10s anymore

630USD!!! Jesus.