10mm speed rings found.

available in 1 2 or 3mm aND CHEEAPISH. 3Racing Stainless Steel 10mm Shim Spacer 0.1/0.2/0.3mm Thickness 10ea. Zero S, X | eBay


Hooooly shit thats not cheap :sweat_smile:

They can be found for less than a tenth of that price

10mm speed rings have always been readily available & fairly cheap on McMaster. I believe the best options are under “shims” though the spacers category has many subcategories w/various options IIRC.

Shimmy-shimmy ya shimmy yea shimmy yeyah

lmao imagine the sheer audacity to be such a scamming cunt selling at the price of that eBay chud

LV, CC, 10mm shim-E, suck-on-dee

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Those would be great, IF they were 10mm id and 12 od. They look like the 10mm id 14mm od ones.

Sandwich them between something of your preferred OD, tighten everything down on a bolt/threaded rod, chuck that into a drill, grind it against something abrasive to your desired diameter. Much better choice than $5+ per lol. Oh shit, those are 10 packs. Maybe that’s okay price.

Also, I know McMaster does have them in 12mm OD under some super strange category because I ordered some about four years ago. Guess there’s a possibility they’ve been discontinued. Had two packs from the same order & one pack ended up being slightly too small ID to fit on high tolerance shafts, guess there are some tolerance control issues on the McMaster suppliers end. I used a carbide blade in a deburring fashion to get them to fit.

They werent very clear but I think they are packages of 10.

I got 30 for 11 bucks shipped from another seller on ebay. 1mm thk.

I have been making smaller dias that way for a while, but it always creates a screwed up edge that is hard to get rid of.

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These might be of interest to some as well. Set of (4) 5/16-24 Titanium 6Al4V 12 Point Flange Nuts Lightweight High Strength | eBay

4pc Titanium Ti 3/8-24 12pt Nuts Sprint Car Midget Micro Header Torque Tube | eBay


This store has 10x12 and 10x14 in various thicknesses.

The 10x12 ones were surprisingly square and concentric last time I ordered. The 10x14 were stamped pretty off center lol

If ur speed rings r square u might wanna send em back

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