10in hanger trucks 255mm taobao

What you guys think about these? Will they fit my enertion carbon motor mounts?
These are 255mm hanger trucks. Might be good alternative for sombody who is looking for wide trucks. Im personally looking for wide trucks for using wuth pneumatics


@Skunk don’t these look like extended diyeb trucks?

Axles look pretty short so bolt on pulleys only. Personally I would not take a chance on cheap trucks especially at extended lengths. Not nice to be travelling at 30 mph and have one break. Not nice at all.


I don’t remember

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No help…

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OP trucks are defintely not diyeb trucks. But what @Dareno mentioned still stands. Be very cautious with cheaply priced trucks. They give no warning before failing. And they fail catastrophically.


I have a pair of these :slight_smile: used it a little and moved back to my Caliber 2 trucks…

Quality wise it seems alright but the axle IS short :-1: didn’t fit dicky ho’s pulleys…

I want the torqueboards 218mm but its 40usd just for shipping to canada!!!

So they dont fit enertion pulleys for sure

and the Boardnamics 220mm ?

Shipping will still be expensive.

ho ok, (with only 14$ to France, I was thinking half for Canada :smile:)

You would think. But Canada can be a bag of dicks about shipping


You just buy them once though and use them for years, they will swap boards and have loads of different motors and clamps attached to them, they will scrape and scratch and age. They will become a part of your skating journey and you’ll grow to be best friends who may or may not end up drunk and in bed together. They will become life…

These ones will ride like shit for 3 months and then snap in half leaving you roadside with the jagged edge of a truck up inside you.

I suppose you’re likely to have sex either way so it’s up to you bud :woman_shrugging:

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You right, I got my calibers II for years and I just reuse them so many time, paint them in many colors colors and i’m still using them today!! But shipping from us to canada is so expensive, makes me mad!!! :angry:

And there is like nothing to buy in canada related to esk8 parts. Is Basically everything in :us:

Will become the same price as the torqueboards 218mm, but surely high quality hangres