007 | Venom Mach 1 with working 3D printed pulley | Drop Through | Custom reverse motor mount | working 3D printed pulley

Transferring this from the old forum. See the original thread here.

This is my 7th build :slight_smile:

Used parts:

  • Venom Mach 1 Cannibal 78mm 74a
  • 3D printed pulley with 32T and integrated bearing
  • Torqueboards TB 218 trucks
  • Globe Prowler drop through deck
  • Custom reverse motor mount
  • Dual Flipsky 6355 190kV motors
  • 12S VTC6 battery
  • Focbox Unity
  • 3D printed enclosures
  • Flipsky VX1 remote

Changes from the original plan:

  • went from 12S2P with the idea of swapping batteries easily to 12S3P (currently working on this)
  • got the pulley working with strengthening through screws (detailed below)

The deck:

It is my second build with this deck already. I sold the first one but I missed this deck, so there for another build. I took this from a scrapped longboard. I will sand and paint it completely but just after all holes for the inserts and stuff are done. Color will be something like the griptape. I had to cut the back of a little, so that the motors fit.

Here’s the progress of the deck

The enclosures:

As said, I originally planned to got for 12S2P (and did also :smiley:) but ultimately designed the enclosure to be ready for 3P already before I finally drilled the deck. Had to make it two pieces because it’s bigger than what my printer can handle.

The case for the Unity also holds a battery meter. It is designed as small as possible because the deck gets very narrow at the back.

The motor mount:

I wanted drop through and a reverse mount because the motors won’t really have enough clearance in the normal position. And I guess it really looks so much cooler with a reverse mount. As for now the plates are solid stainless steel (laser cut). The trucks rings are 3D printed. With some more screws for strength they finally hold and work. But I’m planning to do some from aluminium finally as I do not have to worry about it again…

The pulley:

When I started that build (spring 2019) there haven’t really been pulleys for Venom Mach 1’s. @moon just started with his at that time. I went for 15mm wide belts and designed my own pulley. First version has looked like this:

It didn’t hold up that well on the first ride so I went for a different design. The weakest point have been the tiny flanks fitting into the wheel. So for version two I went with M2.5 screws to got into the wheel. Has worked for the whole 2019 season then. Looks like this:

When you want the 3D file, just DM me. I used 32T but other teeth counts are possible as well. Needs three speed rings between the bearing of the pulley and the wheel. I might change that to five that I can use one zealous bearing.

Older pictures:

Footstop from Roger Bros definitely inspired by @sofu s S3 build :slight_smile:

Smaller 12S2P VTC6 battery

Look with single piece enclosure for 12S2P

Wrote it some time as ugly prototype :smiley:

Assembly after the deck was finally done :slight_smile:

Final looks:

Unfortunately the wheels aren’t that shiny anymore :frowning:

Upgrades I’m working on right now are the 12s3p VTC6 battery and the aluminium brackets for the motor mount.

Let me know what you think of this one :slight_smile:


That’s cool, thanks for bringing it over. Always nice to see a build using Mach 1 wheels!

As someone who has followed the “bigger is better” philosophy for wheels (the roads I ride suck pretty bad sometimes, and I started esk8ing on 90mm flywheel clones), would anyone care to enlighten me about the upside to these wheels? I see lots of people on here get excited about them, so I know there must be something I am missing.

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So its really all about that contact patch? The widest wheels I have owned are the notoriously narrow-for-their-size ABEC 107’s, so I dont really have a lot of experience with wide contact patch wheels.

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I think they‘re the sickest looking wheels available. I wanted some white wheels. And kind of a low rider :wink:
They ride really nice as they are really soft and grippy. I do not like huge wheels so much because I do not really feel the connection to the road with them…

I just saw this post and thought it was really cool! I was wondering what kind of print settings/filament you used for the 3D print and how you were able to get the correct dimensions for the pulley? I’m thinking of 3D printing my own wheel pulley. But the materials I’ve read that are recommended are either Nylon or PLA.

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You printed the pulley with a 0.6mm nozzle ? looks like a thick layer of plastic

Definetly use nylon.

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I’ve seen people use 100% infill with PLA, what are your thoughts on those?

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Like @Bavioze said, use nylon. Trust.

The pla will get worn down pretty fast and is generally not good for parts that take a lot of load.

We run PLA pulleys on our FRC robot, and these pulleys take quite a bit less load than an esk8 wheel pulley, even then we always have a bucket of spares.


Is there an online shop/person that 3D prints with nylon? Typically Nylon isn’t able to be easily printed on many commercial printers without additional add-ons/modifications.

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Actually this isn’t the case! All you really need is an all metal hotend, an enclosure, and a hardened nozzle for longevity (assuming your nylon is abrasive). Other than that, it’s all in your first layer and your profile


Yeah I already PMd you that I can print whatever you need.

Let’s stop filling this thread up, just go ahead and reply to my private message.

Hey guys, I’ve been very inactive the last months. I printed with 0.4mm nozzle and PLA in 100% infill. I do these with all my Pulleys and it works quite fine. It really takes some time to get nylon really to work that it is really better than PLA. Depends on where you live. In hot areas PLA might be very bad. For me worked well so far. They do not last forever. Maybe change it every year. I want to work a bit on the design the next months again because I’m rebuilding that board and therefore will print new pulleys in a improved design. I hope I have some time in the next months to publish all my designs for esk8 I made so far


Can we see pictures of the wear after one year?

How hot is too hot? I live in CA which typically is around 60s-low 80s on average, but it can reach up to 90 on exceptional days.

Hey how did the foot stop work out thinking of getting one to put exactly where urs is.

PLEASE tell me where I can get this griptape

It s from aliexpress, easy to find :wink: