Yet another hoverboard to onewheel project

hi vfear how ı can find there mainboards, ı am from Turkey

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@Zuen Are you alive man ?!!! This group seems to be dead :confused:

I see that the project is on hold. The latest firmware version was pretty good, but needed some minor improvements. I managed to test - I successfully flashed the boards (stm) and even managed to do a test drive. Acceleration while maintaining the zero position of the inclination of the board - successfully. I used motors with good parameters 5 core wires and 30mm magnets. Now there is not much left: we need to adjust the smoothness and a few more parameters. Is there anyone interested in this and ready to help? Zuen sent me a lot of information and files in PM. He doesn’t write to us anymore :frowning: I don’t know what happened… I have all the data I can provide and the sources of different versions of the project. Is there anyone here who wants to help complete the project he started?


I am going to start this project soon, would you mind sending the project files? I can at least post them on GH and once I get mine built I will attempt to join all the code together. Will keep everything open source once I start on the software.

@Vfear Would you be willing to send over the code?