WTB: Kaly XL 2.0

Keep going back and forth on DIY vs complete/pre-built and I think for me right now prebuilt is the way to go. Kaly XL 2.0 checks off a lot of the boxes for what I’m looking for in a new board (pneumatics, 12s4p+ battery, deck with some flex, no DKP trucks, etc) and before buying new I figured I’d see if anyone out there had one they were looking to part with. Located near Boston MA.


I would like to point you here

All you need is a drivetrain 🫠


This is what I was just thinking haha

Boardnamics hubs and drivetrain would be a perfect fit for this setup, with Kendas if you’re looking for a street setup @ablairlamb


Price also negotiable so let me know! Very nice deck with glass frit!


I am genuinely curious at what your garage / board storage / workshop looks like with the amount of parts passing through you!


Interesting! Let me check it out and research a bit further, but that looks like a great start. The 20s4p is an interesting setup - what kind of range/speed was it aimed towards?


The way Tara’s had it geared and on 9” tires the board could do close to 70mph, this is untested tho. Who knows how wind resistance effects things at that speed lol. I feel comfortable saying it would for sure so over 50mph and even 60mph.

The 4p at 20s voltage is a 30 miles battery at minimum.
This is a 1400wh battery

His gearing was 1:4 on 9” tires

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Lol I’m 195lbs and I got at least 35-40 miles depending how hard I ride

Damn, speed demon build haha. I’m not looking for anywhere near that kind of top speed, but 30 mi~ range is good to know.

@Taraskasyanyuk I’m going out to dinner with the family but I’m going to dive down some internet wormholes when I get home and I’ll send you a PM :+1:t2:


For sure man! And like I said, price is negotiable. Just want this thing out of the house to make room for a new one :rofl:

There is a lot of cool stuff about this thing. You can also get lower KV motors like 151kv :sunglasses: (shameless plug) that will be available in my store this week. Get you a bit less speed but more torque and you can also gear really high, like 1:5 or even 1:6 or higher if you want to go chain drive. It will bring top speed down quite a bit, but in turn you should be able to tow something pretty substantial with all that torque, like a medium sized office building.


Shameless plug for hoytskate.com
I’m an engineer at Hoytskate

We have a really nice 12s4p board coming out soon. The first 10 orders are gonna be $500 off, so $3k flat.

Has about 20 miles of range and a top speed (stock) of 38mph.

The trucks are full CNC RKP with geometry designed by our sponsored downhill racer @sparkospeed for a tight turning radius and incredible stability at high speed.



Damn dude

Y’all do make some sexy wooden stuff :heart_eyes:


Does this mean they are split angle with a low angle in the back like 20-35 degree and a bit higher in the front like 30-45 degree?

Cause this sort of thing, super stable :sunglasses:

Board looks :ok_hand:


30 in the rear, 50 in front, plus a couple other things about the geometry that we like to keep to ourselves

I wish all my boards had trucks that felt this good


Those vents…


There not real vents just end caps



My bedroom is my shop, nothing special I promise :rofl:

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Yeah but don’t they look cool :nerd_face: