WTB Custom enclosure

:rofl: i would never have said anything but really, who hasn’t.

on BB’s most definitely. In mine, it was all about cell density and maximizing space while leaving clearance for inboad 6355 motors. so… yes… on both. Truthfully there’s really only one shape that maximizes capacity on zero flex inboard builds without wheel or motor bite and this is it.

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@longhairedboy those gen2 enclosures look like they would work but i’m not positive. Do you have any exact info on the dimensions?

Def don’t have one of them. DIY definitely the way forward for something like this.


Awesome list! Add a respirator to it, FG and epoxy fumes don’t mess around.


I’ve been working on something for @DEEIF could be scaled up in theory to what ever size you want.

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Ok before we go any further how big is ur 10s5p? And what configuration is it in because the deck is only 8.5" wide and looks to narrow down to about 8" below where the trucks mount.

The deck is 9” wide at the widest and tapers to about 7.8”. The battery is 14.5” long and 7.5” wide.


The deck is a 36” btw and the battery+vesc can lay up nicely with a bit of room to spare.

A custom enclosure could get quite expensive and u will most likely need one because of the taper.

It all depends on your budget.

Willing to pay up to $250 depending on the quality of the fit. I don’t need anything crazy like carbon fiber or paint jobs, just abs or fiberglass in a neat little shape.

I’ve got a boxy enclosure that may work.
Internal sizes are. 545mm x 145mm x 40mm

There’s a more shallow version at 30mm.
Currently shipping is bearable at around £23
Enclosures £65


I’ll measure in a moment, but that looks like it could work.

The battery is ~195mm wide so that enclosure is too tight to fit. Do you have anything a bit wider?

No, nothing that wide, sorry. I know @eBoosted makes a multi purpose enclosure but I don’t think it’s that wide?

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I’ve made a few enclosures now and I’d commission myself to help you, but the problem with a custom enclosure like this is that even given the dimensions, you need the deck you’re working with to build your mold on so that it fits like a glove in the end. The enclosure needs to fit the specific amount of concave on the deck. Seriously, try making it DIY, i learned with @iamasalmon dope guide

It is the alot of work but nothing like having an enclosure that seriously fits your deck so so perfectly


Total size with uncut flange is 8.5" by 25.5", flange width is roughly 1" all the way around, the interior is trapezoidal, so the interior floor dimensions are 18.5" by 5.5" and the interior dimensions at the flange are 22.75 x 6"

It will fit an offset double stack 18650 pack, up to 12S5P with room for one of those smart bluetooth BMSs and an ESC the size of a unity, two focboxes, or a maker X or FS ESC 6.6 plus. If you set them up on foam blocks a pair of MKIVs will also fit, but not on the floor.

This is still top of the pops, Damon.
Would be awesome if you would get your hands on some LHB Custom Enclosures 2021 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
So we can take a look into the future what is Bioboards comming up with in 2025 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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pics to go with the dimensions: