VESC HD, a credit card sized twin motor controller

I need more powaaaa Frank.
The 75/300 is an improvement over the stock controller for sure but is still lacking in power compared to the ones I mentioned.
Also the 75V is too close for comfort to 16S and leaves no room for 20S. The 100/250 seems a safer bet but is not powerful enough.


i mean, if you run rhe max safest V on the 75/300 and 100/250, the 100/250 should be ouputting more W, no?


Probably very equal…

We run a Gocart at 450A with a 75/300. Changed heat pad and big radiator attached to the Unit helps.
What matters most is to check for current spikes. If the motor is tuned in perfectly, current spikes are little and then you can go closer to Absolute max. I hope we can make a nice config for the SUR-Ron motor soon, so that you can simply load the ideal parameters.
The cart is so powerful, I can hardly imagine that you want any more power on a bike like the SUR RON.
The improvement over the stock controller is drastic.

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What are the phase current capabilities for the 75/300 and 100/250?

Depends on the motor and how good you can measure it in. 450A absolute max for any spikes.
So if you can cool the device very well and you do not create many spikes, you can go to about 380A.
The closer you go to the edge, the better you need to tune the motor parameters and you need to know what you are doing. We work on a unit with much more current output… Nearly twice.


hows the singles working out? on hold?

pls for us onewheeled folks. I need your dimensions so I can design a OW rail with integrated enclosure.

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Thanks. Spikes are a real issue, especially in jumps, whoops etc.
This is why I would feel more comfortable with quite a bit of headroom.
The Sur-ron stock draws around 80A battery so both controllers should be a big improvement.
Would the new unit come with bolt on connections? The current solution of multiple wires make the installation challenging.
The moment you make a bolt on solution that can be integrated easily in the current mounts like the Sintech for the Sur-ron, you have yourself a customer.




So what are you doing wasting time here?
Chop chop, you have a high power vesc to produce… :nerd_face:

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Frank, it is True that trampa raise price for hd60, removed bluetooth module due to chip shortage and did not inform anyone about this downgrade? My friend recived hd60t without bt and he is really angry about it.


Truth is that we swallow most of the increased production cost and that BLE Chips are very rare items in the market. DRV Chips can now cost up to 40 USD each and STMs can also cost 20+USD.
The market is totally crazy…
If we would adjust our prices accordingly to production cost, people would think we are very greedy…
I advised our staff to remove the NFR feature form the product page. We hope that future batches can have the a BLE Chip again. Unfortunately most chips have delivery times of 40-50 weeks.


Sadly what Frank is saying is the truth.
Nordic Semiconductors and STM has really big problems delivering chips atm.
There are some warehouses in china that charge 10x the normal price on mouser(and they’re probably dupes)…

I have the exact same situation at work. Coming months is looking very grim.

Also @Trampa , why is the bigboi HS11 “no longer available?” :C


Is there any other chips missing other than the NRF?

I have seen other ESC vendors suffering with supply of IMU and components for the CAN bus.

Can you confirm both these components are still fitted?

Most STM mcus are out of stock. Even the cheap crappier ones are starting to dwindle in numbers.

Other than that I power Mosfets is primirary candiate for shortage as well.

While I empathise with the shortages and not passing on all cost increases, there are pretty serious issues with removing a feature from a product and still allowing it to use the reputation it always had. I know you removed the specific mention of NRF and you’re not consciously trying to lie, but reviews and opinions are very much formed already based on the earlier units and buyers assume it’s the same. I really think you need to have a minor model number revision and a big unmissable notice that it’s not the exact same as before.



What happened to the HD60T? I couldn’t help but notice it’s missing from your product page.


We wait for new stock to arrive…


Sorry @AviatorEsk8er , I guess I stand corrected