The search for the perfect indoor track racing tyre

The v2’s?

Yes yes, I use LandSurf v2 outside on the asphalt where they are great, but for indoor they are still too hard in general. I think for indoor you just want the compound and the surface to be as soft as possible.

I think indoor is a mystery. If it was this simple wouldn’t the BRPs dominate?

I am not even convinced if the ideal run on Waldshut is gripping all the time. I seemed to keep up really well by going sideways half of the race, so long as you have the acceleration and braking power and grip, I think for the super tight turns in some places sliding might even be faster.

In june I’ll take my 9x3.5s and see how those do, they are fairly similar to gokart tires and they grip well outdoor, no clue indoor. I’ll also take the meepo race tires that the Aussies think work best and do a comparison

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I will let you know how i go on them next indoor session on the 19th may


Well BRPs are pretty hard and solid as a general tyre.

I dont believe sliding is faster anywhere, because it takes time until you accelerate and it takes time until you brake. I was doing well in Waldshut only by having 4x4 and being able to grip by braking to the corners. I think you just want to hit the apex as close as you want and then exit the corner quickly. Sliding doesnt really help any of that.

Really? Which duro you have? The 45A felt quite soft to me. I think the compound of nylon tires is definitely much higher duro.

But it can allow a much shorter line, and if you have the acceleration to back it up, I think it might still be viable if done well. Waldshut has so many corners that are super tight.

Yeah front brakes are a huge thing. Now that I can finally accelerate well on short track, I realised that I can’t do very high speeds still because I can’t slow down on 2wd. I might be able to have 4wd ready for Vik’s event in August.

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What about the bkb’s? I haven’t tried a set first hand but that tread pattern and contact patch looks like it may tick a few of the boxes for concrete.

Have you guys tried the Hota 150x50?

I heard that it’s pretty good indoors

Yes I tried them and they were ok. I did faster times on the Meepo Cyclones still.


I havent tried 45A but I think the problem is that the indoor trick is too slick. I am not sure how it works but I think the problem is that the pneu does not bounce or how to say it. Its a solid piece of material compared to the soft pneu. Maybe its the dirt, who knows, but so far I havent seen anyone being able to make the BRP work indoors.

With the sliding I think once you are able to slide, it means you will be sliding also when accelerating which means slowdown. If you are able to break, corner, accelerate, then you dont lose time. Maybe the sliding can comehow help with the issue that the board is not turning well, not sure. But I still think you are in general aiming for that feeling where you can hook around the corner, because when you are sliding it means you are basically waiting until you can grip again.


I think of it more about contact patch and downforce per area.
you have to achieve a certain amount of downforce per area, let’s say PSI, or you break free.
the required PSI to the ground increases the slicker the track gets. as you add contact patch you reduce your PSI, but keep PSI above the minimum for the surface and you increase traction as you increase contact patch. but make contact patch to big and your PSI drops low enough that the whole tire breaks free.

then add to that heating up the rubber decreases the PSI to maintain traction as the rubber gets stickier, but it’s also increasingly hard to get that heat in them as the area of the tire increases.

I agree, but will add I think sliding is good to hook a turn your board can’t make. I think some small amount of sliding is also a way of dancing around the perfect max speed before braking traction because not finding that edge would be under max speed, and staying perfectly on that edge is impossible.

blah. didn’t have time to make that shorter/clearer. sry.


I haven’t tried BKBs. I almost bought a set at esk8con but was already struggling to work out how I’d squeeze in everything for trip home as I got a set of Linnpowers, Novas and BRPs.

I think BKBs would do ok indoors. I’d be keen to hear if anyone has tried them on polished concrete.

Landsurf report: VERY GOOD

I finally got to give them a proper run and they did not dissapoint. It’s worth noting that the track conditions were poorer than usual with a lot of loose rubber dust, however I managed to pull a lot of 27 second and a couple 26 second laps. For reference, the current track record by @JeffyJ is 26.3 and my PB is 26.5 (both on meepo cyclones)

Initally I ran them at 35PSI after reading about Jeff’s recommendations on PSI, however they were pretty slippery and it wasnt until i dropped them to around 22PSI that they really started to grip well, with a nice controlled slide around the hairpins.

Jeff was back on the Nova’s and enjoying the narrow contact patch. He claimed the best time for the night by 0.1 sec (26.58) and can possibly acheive a PB/track record on them in the right conditions.

Its been several months since I’ve ridden on the cyclones. I’m now keen to put them up against both the Landsurfs and the Nova’s to make a decision on what works best for my setup - with what I have available to me at the moment.

Keen to explore some other tyre suggestions


I was running 38psi on Novas. I reckon you’ll go faster on Novas too with higher pressure IMO.


Will definitely give it a crack. Need a 2 hour session so we’re not rushing to change wheels


Will try some other day with low PSI. When I was testing it on polished concrete it did not work at all. Meaning at some point I just lost traction completely.

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it’s worth noting there was a first gen of XCELL tires which were a harder compound. if that’s what you tested it’ll definitely be different now.

BKBs are not grippy on polished concrete

In fact, BKBs on polished concrete is how I first learned how to slide a board