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Could always print with extra holes and print little TPU plugs if you don’t like dirty, obscene exposed holes.

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hooray for word soup!

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covering these up will make @BillGordon cry

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ok I dont care how many times my family says “you are not funny, stop it” I crack my self up, isnt that all that matters? As long as im not being mean with my humor? im still chuckling at this,is this a bit pathetic? perhaps, do I care, absolutely no !


Progress update!

I finally started building the battery. As you can see, it’s lechonk.

I also had to go deal with these stupid pieces of junk. For no practical reason at all, these escs come with 8AWG BATTERY LEADS soldered onto an XT60. what the fuck?!? I didnt wanna deal with all of that bulk, so I spent a bunch of time desoldering them (it was a royal pain in the ass) just to replace them with shorter 12awg and the same XT60. I also made a parallel harness for them using 14awg. This shouldn’t be an issue since they’ll only be seeing 50 amp bursts, with continuous drain presumably closer to 15. Mostly did this because soldering 2 12awg into an xt90 blows.

Last thing I did was compile my own firmware for these escs with the HW names changed, so I always know which motor i’m adjusting. I dont wanna play whack a mole with two motors, let alone four. Before and after shots

Oh, and, footpad done. Just gotta print the rear one.


good job

45 degree bms placement. i do stupid shit when I remember I have free will.