💩 Shitty DIY and nothing else!

I keep coming back to this old board. It was my analog longboard for years, guess I have the muscle memory for it.


Hasn’t done anything yet but that’s a housefire waiting to happen
Quality comments, too.


Because we always get kids who insist on electrifying their Penny boards but refuse to listen to more experienced builders’ advice.

Then they end up butchering an off-brand Chinese eskate they got from Marketplace, drilling holes into their plastic decks and not having a rideable board. So, I tried building this as close as I can get to what those kids have as resources. Also, for the shiggles.

  • Lingyi ESC and remote
  • Generic hub drives
  • 90 mm wheels
  • old Riptide enclosure
  • 97 WH battery 6S3P (circa 2019)
  • Penny-sized and shaped deck. I couldn’t get a deck (or a used board) for dirt cheap so a wooden copy it is. This is the only thing I spent money on; everything else I put together. In a cave. With a box of scraps.

I haven’t had to properly test ride it yet because it’s raining but some observations:

  • It is sketchy as shit to ride this even in my living room.
  • I get wheel bite. On my heel.
  • I can easily grab this with my hand. I’ve had university textbooks that were heavier.

More notes:

  • I can probably get a 10S2P in there but I don’t want to go beyond the AU$25 I spent.
  • This thing is a toy; I wouldn’t ride it to the train station like I usually do with my other boards.

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Just found this in a battery building facebook group


Idk if we can call this shitty until we read the datasheet and assess

Did a stormtrooper spot weld that?!

He came off lucky though