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Selling Everything PRICES LOWERED- 1/2 Retail Price (AUS) WW~Shipping

Wassup Boys,

I’ve got some new projects that I’m gonna be needing some cash for and wanna let all these parts go. I’m in Australia by the way, but anything that isn’t a battery I am happy to ship internationally if you pay the $.

All items are barely used or not used at all, and prices are in AUD.

Original Hummie Hubs with Otang Kegels and Arsenal Trucks $100

TB 12S ESC with BEC rated for 6S $30

Drop down deck from Ebay $20

Psychotiller Enclosure that fits two 4s batteries and an ESC (comes predrilled) $20

Globe Concave Deck (about 36-38") $30 comes predrilled with holes for enclosure (buy as a combo for cheaper)

Please PM me with any questions or if you want to buy. Prices are NEGOTIABLE if you think they are overpriced. Hope this stuff gets some good use. Peace out boys.

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Looks great! Please add photos ASAP because it’s kinda sorta in the rules


Sorry, I meant to put them in. Silly me!

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Photos are up

I’ll take the benchwheel remote dude :call_me_hand:


Chuck me a DM with your info and I’ll get you shipping costs etc

I’m in melbs dude. Did I buy those ESCapes off you not long ago?

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Don’t recall it. Never even heard of ESCapes

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cheers, imma have to back out of this one sorry g

No problem

Solid remote that. Does have a huge dead spot at the beginning of the throttle travel so play with curves. I have been meaning to do my ones but lazy.

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Bumping this to the top again. Everything’s available except Benchwheel remote

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Bumping this to top. I want to get rid of everything so feel free to negotiate prices lower if you think the price is wrong or unfair

I added your country to the title for you bud good luck with the sale


Thanks. I removed it so people didn’t get the impression it was Aus only as I can ship international but if you need that it’s fine

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No worri3s it just makes it easier when everyones looking for local parts. I added the shipping to it. Somebody buy this stuff already

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Just another bump

Dropped the benchwheel remote into this thing as soon as it landed in my lap. Works beautifully! Cheers bro :call_me_hand:


No problem man. Thanks for the post! Enjoy


Bump. Prices are negotiable. I need to get rid of this stuff.