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Awesome! and:

so if you decide to put raw up first if at all, i’d scoop a pair up immediately!

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Raw will be made for sure, these will also get anodized though so all colours will go up at once :love_you_gesture:


hype hype hype


Custom anti sink plates for @slizer18. These got engraving added to them for rememberance of a friend.


They look way better than I could’ve imagined! Thank you so much man :slight_smile:
@SabreDynamics was awesome to work with, he answered all my questions promptly and turned my simple idea into a beautiful design. I encourage everyone to grab something from him or get some custom touches done for your boards.


I got in contact with my fellow (low) flying-Dutchman and purchased some of his concave pads for my FluxMotion deck. Stripped my old setup of “Powell Peralta Ripper” and Dope-grip (lot of fun :woozy_face: ) and got to work fitting his pads:

One evenings work ; positioning the pads + again returning to the Dope Grip and my beloved “Ripper”-grip :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The next day ofcourse went out for a test drive !
I was worried about it/them being “too much” ; but they’re really spot on !

I LOVE them.

It’s a subtile add-on that really just lets you know where your foot is , at least it is that way on the Flux. Mounting them along the edge of the wide whale of a board which the Flux basically is. Love me FLux, love the new add-on’s.

Btw i’m a US shoe size 11.5 , Euro size 45 .

Thanks Brian, also for fabricating/changing the design for the screws/mounting holes, i’m more than satisfied with the results :partying_face:


Thanks Frank, took what we learned from the concave pads we made and applied it here, glad they feel good. The board looks amazing! Nice to see some custom parts on a Flux :love_you_gesture:


Presenting the CLAW MOUNT:
an Anti Sink plate with Accessory Mount compatible with GoPro Buckles.
Can be combined with Action/360 Cam’s, Lights (like shredlights) and many other Accessoires.

- Old School bolt pattern (fits most boards)
- Sand Blasted & Anodized Aluminium
- Works with countersunk screws

Available in three colours
Blue, Raw and Black with a limited amount of Blue!

It’s been a whole journey but we are happy to finally have a large production batch ready to ship :raised_hands:

More Instructions and Info here:

Available in the shop here:

Info/Instructional Video:


It’s clear that a lot of thought, preparation and effort has gone into this offering, @SabreDynamics. The results are really impressive. That’s some pro-level polished packaging and presentation for a start!

You’ve also got me thinking now of all the potential uses that thing actually has. It’s gonna be really interesting to see what people (and you guys) come up with to extend its functionality.


I ordered three. Can’t wait!


Thanks Chris! Yes, interested to see what people come up with. It’s a nice platform to add whatever accessoires you have since the GoPro system is so versatile. Plus the threaded holes add possibilities for DIY parts for example.


Really appreciate it! :smiley:

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Brian delivers really good quality and does custom work. Sky is the limit. Probably wil be ordering too.


Added some torx truck hardware and a torx driver to the webshop to go with the anti sink plates.


Why do you prefer torx over the traditional hex head?

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It’s harder to strip


Yes like @ShutterShock said its harder to strip. Used M5 countersunk bolts for our CNC fixtures and pretty much stripped them on every run. Switched to torx and still running the same bolts from then on. You want a truck to be pretty tight to the deck so the chance to strip a hex M5 countersunk screw is pretty high.


Our Anti Sink options on the Grizzly MTB featuring the sabre blades :wink:


Custom part for a local customer, this one is actually for a larger vehicle :oncoming_police_car: