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Yep yep. Ordered on the 18th…

Might of been, It was my buddies board. I was really baked when I did that though if he posted it haha.

First things first… It’s fucking huge. Like I thought my Landy Evo was huge. The deck was pretty solid, its so long you can really get a solid stance on it. The shape is nice compared to my Evo. I like a nice spot to rest my foot on for torque and that deck defiantly has it. Carving was amazing.

10/10 best board I ever rode


I want this robot to come work in my factory. I want it equipped with conversational AI so it can talk to me all day while building smaller robots that build boards.


It rides two buddy. If you’re ever in SF I can see about a joy ride.


Suddenly, i’m inspired to see San Francisco. If that thing is still smashing like a boss next year i think it will have to happen.


Oh damn. lol


These chargers suck. PSA: do not buy

Also, who the heck covers their heatsinks with shrink tubing?


Are those your generic eBay ones?

Not sure, they came from forum members over at .builders. I have like 4 of them I think.

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Seems like it, Ive got at least 5 broken ones.

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So you changed out the rideriptide deck. So just the battery left haha

you have to keep the cool trapped next to the heatsink somehow.


@Lionpuncher Are those Carvon SD R or Carvon SD XL or Carvon ExoDrive?

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They are neither. They’re carvon V2’s. I bought them late last year from a guy on the forum. One of namaki’s friends. They’re quite minty so I’m inclined to believe him when he said he put very little use to them. I believe Jerry machined 2 149 kv Sk3’s onto some fun box trucks. I really like them! Depending on how slow they are to start and braking power, might consider in the future rewinding them to lower kv and increase torque. Minus having to alter wheels, I must say the design is superb in its simplicity. His machined parts are gorgeous. No sensors, but I’ve always been a kickpush start kinda guy.


Hey is that the freerchobby 80xx motor?

Cut off the tail and reduce shaft from 12mm to 10mm?

That is something I could get behind in a group buy…

This would be the most awesome of awesome 1st group buys

21 or more motors


No, it’s an APS 8085 170kV.
The factory could be the same thou.
Got them on Black Friday for pretty much the same price as you can see on Ali.
I wouldn’t recommend to do a group buy with them.
I even didn’t ride them yet but had to exchange them twice. Once as it was shipped the wrong kV second because the big bearing was damaged from shipping.
I‘m super happy that APS handles warranty issues pretty good.
Don’t think that you get any support if you order directly from the factory or only if you pay shipping back to China which is ridiculous expensive for so big motors.
And yes I will cut one side of the shaft, but don’t see a reason to change anything on the diameter.
It’s no big problem to get pulleys, sprockets or gears with 12mm bore.


I was a bit wary after reading the noises issues experienced with APS 80xx, maybe this model better luck

@3dservisas recomended me those frrchobby 8072, they are sensored as well

Or there is the Leopards, but they would need sensors added…or encoders

The noise issues have been mainly with the 8072 motors. They have a different design than the 8085 motor size.
One thing I forgot to mention.
If you buy 80xx motors than you need different motor mounts or as min an adapter as the bolt pattern is different. This bolt pattern also differs with any brand. So a APS 80xx motor wouldn’t fit on a leopard 8072 motor mount.

That’s actually all the riptide parts on a spud deck lol. Was just bored at 3am.
Riptide deck has maytech parts now. Just needs an enclosure. Im gonna redeck the maytech parts on another deck too but im still working on it.
All the riptide parts are going back on the riptide deck and im giving that to my wife for getting to work.

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@Kug3lis seemed to be using 80100 if I’m not wrong, from that post ^ it seems he had harmonic resonance too

I am using drives which have support for 80xx motors - 3DServisas 5:1 v2, 9" tires