Raijin Racing EVO hubs

Hey guys, so all has been finalised for these wheels and I’m gauging interest if I should do a group buy to get things running. As you know it is capital intensive to get metal parts made, and it makes a difference if we all go in instead of just me.
For now, the spoke pattern is only a 3 spoke but it is interchangeable with later designs if you ever wish to change. I am in Australia but we can organise international shipping.

Other details:
Fits 6x2 clever tyres, possibly Hoyt 5" if they will stretch.
Hub weight is 230g.
Dimensions are 91x58mm.
Fits 8mm axles or 10mm axles with different bearing/spacer.
Uses a new 3 bolt pattern, so it requires the pulleys I’ve designed for it. I have a 48t and a 60t design.
Colours for now are just clear anodised and black anodised.

The wheel:

Render of final version:


Someone send this man a hoyt 5

The Hoyt 5 has a different internal dimension than the 6x2

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Yeah but the hub profile is stepped :thinking:

They would have to stretch sooooooooo far. Quite a bit thinner then 6x2 aswell

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Are you sure? The hub they showed me has a 75mm tyre seat which is exactly the same