Radium Performance

Awesome! Thats brilliant really appreciate you confirming that.

Be interesting to see if the fixed mount angle is ok on the newbee 3 links.

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Unfortunately those are still a while away. Expenses keep coming up that require funds to be diverted elsewhere. Sales are also slow in January and then chinese new year holidays takes out production in February which means March🤞


Happy Valentines day❤


I received my Radium Matrix 3 Motor Mounts a few days ago and they are AMAZING! I love the simplicity of the mounting system and they are very beautiful to look at. Thanks!!


Please tell me you’re going to cut that motor axle and move the mount closer to the wheel.

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I was going to ask about the axle length.

Do I have to cut the axle?

Or said another way, what is wrong with running it with a long axle?

Your chances of bending the shaft are much higher
Your chances of the shaft picking up resonance are much higher
It looks bad

Mostly just it looks bad. Please cut them.


does the no politics forum rule apply to you guys trying to convince this poor fellow to circumcise his motors?

Haha rules

Nothing will explode if you leave it long but everyone will judge you.

Also, it’s probably not great for the life of the bearings, and people occasionally break axle shafts.

You will also be judged on your chosen method of cutting.

Hack saw < dremel < angle grinder

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I’m still thinking about buying the 70mm axles for the Matrix 3’s. This would add 40mm total width to the Matrix 3’s and would be closer to the width of the Hypertrucks.

If I do go with the 70mm axles, I need to make sure I still have enough room to mount the Radium Mounts at the end of the hanger. This is where the longer motor shafts might help.

However, I am planning on cutting the motor shafts down at some point. What is the preferred method? I have a hack saw, dremel, and an angle grinder. What is the preferred method?

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Angle grinder with a cutting disc. Be sure to cover the motor so steel particles don’t get inside.

Definitely want the pulley as close to motor mount as possible to reduce stress on the motor bearings, shaft and motor mount itself. A 2-3mm gap is ideal but if longer axles mean that won’t work you CAN run the pulley further out its just not ideal.

Thanks! I will go the angle grinder route when the time comes.