Power Tool batteries safer than from battery builders?

Well, the ego power plus is a powertool battery that is (IMO) pretty potent.
the smaller versions are often used to extend onewheel battery capacity, I am planning on using the 10Ah one (which I have), 12Ah one (which I’ll get), or the 28Ah backpack with an adapter (which I have but apparently that one is a bit tricky to make work)…

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You can buy small power banks for super cheap these days. They’re typically flat too and would be easier to add onto a board where ever you have space. Power tool batteries are still super pricey due to either them knowing you have no choices or because of the high capacity some of them have.


@Skatardude10 can put some input on this. I know he had a range extender setup with tool batteries.

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Sounds kind of intersting to me.

You could have a Trampa-like board where you could slide one or two batteries into cradles onto the back of the board.

Possible travel board? Maybe you get a few of the smaller capacity and design a board around it.

Sounds like a gang.

I’m just talking shit as per usual. Electric unicycle= euc

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a gang of toddlers on deathwheels


does this work fine for the regenerative braking? How much current does it handle?

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