Part selection help

What kind of board you want to build?
Urethane street, All terrain pneumatic/carver board or something full e-mtb with bindings and top mount battery.

Street board

How fast do you want to go? Do you have good roads where you live? Hills?

Stormcore 60D. Powerful, can drive 2 motors, programmable with vesc tool, has a reliable on/off switch so that you don’t have to worry about loop-keys or external antisparks.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, first parts you should decide on are the deck and enclosure:


12s is a very common setup to use. Most ESCs for esk8 can handle 12s, but mostly more expensive somewhat specialty ones are required for higher voltage. 8s could also work, but it will give you a lower top speed so probably just plan to go 12s.

As far as ESCs if you want to tinker any VESC based ESC allows you to tinker. There are a lot of companies, but makerx and stormcore (lacroix) seem to be some of the most commonly used. ESCs based on the VESC has a list of vesc based escs, but some of them are pretty rare or not made anymore.

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Starting by discussing batteries, ESCs, and trucks/motors is a common mistake that can lead you into a corner and make it very difficult for you.

Some of the fastest boards I know about are all 8S. It’s all about the details.

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Yes, I supposed I should say holding all else equal your top speed will be lower. With correct gearing, motor kv, etc. I suppose power is power.

If that’s wrong, then what is right?

@rusins mentioned it right above that. There is no “right way” but certain traps have been fallen in by many others many times, and avoiding those can be key to early success.

I haven’t considered flex. The board I have is a laminated bamboo board. Im considering making a fiberglass enclosure with thin laminated wood as a sandwich material.

Here is a picture of a fiberglass boat with wood under the glass. My board is pretty stiff but the flex is still something I’ll need to consider.

If you go this route, I would find some common battery dimensions and ESC sizes and make the enclosure first before you start buying other parts. Leave room for wiring, BMS and XT90 connectors aren’t small. Radio receivers and other things take up space as well.

It’s easy to fill extra space with foam. It’s hard to solve the opposite problem. Go bigger by a little bit.

In my experience, weight matters more than size anyway. (But they both matter)

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Thanks for all the help so far. You guys have covered several things I wasn’t considering. Based on the list, I already have a helmet, deck, and more LiPo batteries than I’ll ever need.

What about the ESC and trucks/motors? What are some reputable brands I should look into?

Show us the deck and enclosure :crazy_face:

What battery?

We’ve come full circle

Flipsky’s battle hardened motors seem to be really reliable, and at a great price. If you go for a urethane build then dual 6355 motors is all you need. On pneumatics you might want bigger motors. Depends on how wide your trucks are, drivetrain, and your riding style. Also on climate.

So tell us more about what kind of riding you want to do and where / on what roads :smile:

Also worthwhile checking out builds on this forum and maybe finding something similar to what you’re after. Helps to avoid making the same mistakes as others.


I second the dual 6355 recommendation


@b264 I don’t know how well I’ll be able to match the deck but I’ll try. Either way, it could end up looking pretty cool. It won’t cost much for such a small amount of wood and glass.

Did you see this?

I wouldn’t use wire channels in the enclosure though; I’d drill through and epoxy the connectors through the enclosure after it’s made.

there isn’t such a thing. power is never enough once u r comfortable with what u have setup, and there is always a better / faster setup or config

12s is very standard right now, most esc already have support for that

short run down of common esc:
Trampa esc - bulletproof
Lacroix stormcore - best single mcu dual esc all day long
makerx - most bang for ur buck
Ubox - mainly for high voltage build (13s+)
flipsky - eh they r ok-ish if u don’t push too hard
Cheap focer - its cheap, what ya expect
torqueboard TB6 - very standard 12s ecs

there are robogotchi / metr dongle that u can buy which adds the ability of configuring via wireless method, and add other additional function

both have their own pros and cons, some swear by either one. additionally there are direct drive which u can consider, but vendor options are very limited. quite a few people here also run chain drive, which is similar to belt drive

what’s ur deck and enclosure of choice? u probably want to decide that first before u plan other things

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Deck decides everything, poor planning will result in a lot of wasted parts

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