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Non-signaled board motion

I pair my remote and board while the board is still, I put my weight on the board, push even a slight bit, no remote throttle…and I’m moving forward in jerking motions, pretty fast too. Board is somehow getting signal that I’m not giving it when I’m on the board. On the bench, it behaves perfectly fine. Only when my weight is on it. I’m 185lbs on a torqueboards pro2 kit on a stiff maple deck. Please please help!

Did you do the PPM/Remote setup in the vesc?

What esc are you running?

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I’ve been riding this programmed setup for like two months now, no issues. Ppm app is used, yes. Everything responds perfectly with the remote when I’m off the board, no extra motor movement.

Vesc 4.12 or something like that, whatever the torqueboards kit comes with

Did you setup the PWM (“PPM”) failsafe, center, and deadband?

Please tell us more about what remote you have, and what you’ve done.

The PWM (“PPM”) center and/or deadband might need adjustment.

I’ll look into that. I’m using the mini 2.4ghz receiver from TB. I haven’t touched it since programming it around 2 months ago, and with that, I’ve been riding this same setup for longer than that. I replaced a motor and esc 2 months ago

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Just slightly adjust the little white knob on the right, on the top of the remote, but do it with the skate upside down.

Then, the most important part, make sure if you turn off the remote the wheels don’t spin or brake but are in neutral. If not, it’s not safe to ride until you redo the failsafe setting

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Can you elaborate on the failsafe…

Aaaaaaand never mind…search function…

In case anyone needs, it this fine gentleman already posted a how to here:


Big change, big difference here. I’m using the nano remote. My own fault for not knowing the difference…both names mean small. Nano is arguably the same physical size as the mini. Semantics, whatever.

I am using the nano remote. These issues are happening with the nano remote. Apologies! Where do I go from here to fix this problem of the board moving on its own with the slightest motion when I’m standing on it

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Did you calibrate the remote when you turned on the board?

Meaning you turned on the board, then the remote, hit full throttle and then all the way back on the brakes and back to neutral