My reshaped Vizzini drop "Psycotiller" drop down deck

One of the last decks pressed Psycotiller that I reshaped (Sorry Dave R.I.P.). Deck was new but cut wrong and had mounting holes off center so I had to rework the whole thing. While I was at it I reshaped it to something I liked better. I painted it gloss black and then did a candy apple red and ultra gloss black Vivid vinyl wrap. This new extra glossy vinyl looks like paint. The color depth and gloss looks like a few thousand dollar paint job on cars. The flames were hand drawn and cut by me also.
I’m considering making wraps like this to sell. Flames,scalloped, racing stripes,etc.etc. Custom colors. Depends on the response I get I suppose. Also I might be willing to part with this for the right price but I’m not actively trying to sell it. I DO NEED AN ENCLOSURE FOR IT . ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN EVEN FIND ONE?


Nice dude! Yeah that’s a good looking vinyl job

Shoes untied.


Shoelace broke. I keep telling myself " this is the last time I’m putting these shoes on " it’s just they are more comfortable than they are worn out. And they’re really worn out. Haven’t seen a pair of sox in those shoes in months

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For what this turd looked like before, you did a good job on it.

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You can do something like this

Be prepared to spend significantly more than $40 though.

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I’m making one out of fiberglass. I have the blank in my lap right now.

The flames won’t be noticable . Have plans to make a proper mold so I can sell them.will be doing the 2 of psychotillers decks I have. Maybe more. Maybe.

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If you make a female mould from this as it is, it’s likely that even the tape seam lines will be noticeable… If you can see the flames now, I’d expect that you will see them afterwards.

Well ,the enclosure is. It exists; I just sanded it and put a skim coat of glazing putty after filling low spots and adjusted a couple curves and angles with glass infused bodyfiller. I also removed excess material from inside ,sanded and gave it 5 coats of black rubber spray Dip it. Also did the same 5 coats on the bottom of the deck . But only the area covered by enclosure. I will continue the candy apple red and black vinyl wrap theme I put under the clear spray on Lucid grip on the top. Hand drawn and hand cut by myself of course.


Nice one! Keen to see the finished result!

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Awesome :+1: keen to see some pics with the plastidip paint.

Also keen to know how you’re gonna let Mary know why her towel is so itchy?


It’s only on the inside of enclosure and deck.did it for anti vibratory and electrical insulation just in case. Mary? Itchy? What the hell ya going on about?

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My thoughts exactly.

Screw Mary! I keep her in the trunk now. Only let her out when I want a sandwich.

Okay now that I got Mary back in the fucking trunk again here’s where the proj is at. (Further along than in the pics). The enclosure should be painted today. But I have to wait till Tuesday because of the mounting method I chose requires long screws (M5 80mm). This enclosure fits single and double stack packs also. I’m kinda iffy on the engraved flames though.

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Thank you. On top of all the issues it has you can ad delaminating to that list. I fixed that already also though.

AFTER 2 MONTHS 8 PAINT JOBS AND OVER $250 I FINISHED THE ENCLOSURE. UNFORTUNATELY I LEFT IT ON THE ROOF OF MY VAN FOR THE PAINT TO DRY ANF FUCKING FORGOT IT WAS THERE. I WAS 30 miles away when I remembered. Drove all the way back and found it crushed and in a few too many pieces. I was so disgusted with myself I had to walk away from my build for awhile.

I am sorry.

I think I just puked in my mouth a little bit.

You and me both. Self loathing could have been an Olympic sport for me me at that point.