Monitoring individual cell voltages (Smart BMS, Balance charger)

Also, if one P-group is way below the other P-groups, it might be that some cells got disconnected from the P-group. If that’s the case, you should inspect the welds. If the welds need fixing best to do that while the P-group is discharged. If possible, measure the voltage of the disconnected cells. They may be sitting much higher than the P-group, in which case reconnecting them is risky.

No welds, NESE modules, P group 8 fully recovered. Now group 3 is lower than all the rest.

I have actually stopped using NESE module because I had a lot of issues with cells losing contact with the P-group. I would recommend that you open up the misbehaving module, take out the cells and measure the voltage on each. They should all be the same. If not, some don’t have a good contact inside the module.

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Ugh I feared something like that. Opening the enclosure is such a pain in the ass :smiley: …yeah …I’ll do that. This weekend…it’s supposed to rain. Thank you.

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Interesting shorting leads method for Battery Hookup BMS
Not the right size for us but interesting.