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I have no problems with cutouts with mine, though I don’t skate in a noisy area so YMMV.

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Is it uart only ? Or possible to use it in ppm + inpute voltage like the the vx1

(I don’t know if the telemtry is computed by the remote from the trottle or if it gets it directly from the esc)

Telemetry is via UART and control is PPM. Currently only using mine via PPM, works great.


I absolutely love mine. Leaps and bounds more comfortable and intuitive than any other remote I’ve tried. I could control this remote with welding gloves on. I’ve never seen my signal drop below full strength. I mostly ride in the woods but hit up downtown once a week or so and get no interference in the middle of the city. I will 100% be buying one of these. @kevingraehl if you get an order going, count me in.

Great work on adding the speed modes @Agnes_Maytech! Can you tell us a bit about how you set it up on the remote? I can’t wait to get the lights programmed in too


i mean it’s not like i have no remotes…but I really want to try dual trigger.


It’s my favorite by far. I’ve had zero accidental throttle inputs from it. It’s a beast of a slide puck as well. The thing has taken a lot of slams at the bike parks and shows almost no signs of damage. So much throttle throw too. If only it had a convenient mounting hole/rail on the bottom for a flashlight attachment.


Man…I hate this hobby :joy:
Thanks for the input!

Do you have the v2 or v1? I want to know how cruise control works @Agnes_Maytech

More like the trampa one or the shitty flipsky implementation.

Edit: nevermind, the new one doesn’t have cruise control, bummer.


V1. The cruise control was for the esurf mode.

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I wish more would implement cruise control like trampa does. I never needed it but since i used it on the vx1 i really think its a nice idea.

Hmm… Maytechs documentation of of the remote is not clean. On some pages they say the v2 has CC, on some other it doesn’t.

If the remote is software upgradeable maybe they implement it again.


V2 as well.


I’ve already got 5 of the 10 accounted for.

Maybe I’ll order more?


Going to order 50 and undercut you for the community.


I’ll take one.
Maybe you should set up a poll or thread to check interest. Might be enough to warrant a group buy of 50 at the bulk pricing? :man_shrugging:


Yeah. Just pinged her again for 50pcs.

Never done a legit group buy.

Sounds fun and already prob have the first 10 sold. 7 so far


@ 50 quantity + shipping where do you think you’ll be on price?
I may get a couple

61 bucks landed. 10 bucks shipping or less surely. I’m waiting on box dimensions from her

So if you combine shipping or let me put all in One flat rate box you can get creative on saving shipping.

Also going to inquire about no packaging and just bulk units with no USB adapter, just the wireless base RX,tx to get the price down for shipping both ways.

I don’t care about retail packaging. What about you all?


I jus want it 2 not cutouttt… in population sense placezzz…

Cuz u know…
do we know it not cutout… like the prev version…

If the answer be in the spec… I apologize…

LA n prev version of dis == :skull_and_crossbones:
Scurdddd 2 use anythAng but da puckkkkk🍩


Everything you say makes a shit ton of sense!
I recall now what lead me to hoyt puke
Scary ass shit


Yo count me in for 1!


We getting us some motors too?

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