Lacroix Prototipo for sale. USA Sold!!!

Interested, but I will have to wait a couple weeks for my tax refund. I saw you said you really only rode it 10 miles at a time. Would I be able to get any better mileage out of it or would it be worse, I’m about 250 lbs? Main use would be going for rides with my daughter, and running errands with a occasional group/ trail ride.

I was able to get 13 miles with battery sag not becoming noticeable until the 10 mile mark. As stated in my original post, my rides are at a fairly brisk pace with a lot of carving. My typical riding spot includes some minor elevation changes, but my area is mostly flat. Not sure what you’d be able to expect. You’re heavier than I am, but the kind of riding you’re talking about, even the group rides are probably going take place at a much slower pace. I know there have got to be some group rides where the pack blazes, but the few I’ve participated in were slower than I ride when alone.


I’ll take the board, message me for payment and shipping address


The Prototipo is now sold. Thanks AzSeahawk!


literally last night someone rode my proto and said. I’m gonna get one of these let me know if you see one for sale.