I fried my MakerX Mini FOC Plus

Wooooow. Sorry to hear that. :cry:

Hopefully they will be cursed by Skatan. :pray:t4:

I’m currently considering the 75/100 myself but the mini plus is so small. . I think 12s is enough.

May the Great Skatan curse them indeed! I totally agree that the tiny size is very useful and that 12s is plenty for most builds. It performed flawlessly at 60amps while I had it. Regarding the 75/100, I’m mostly curious about upping the volts and lowering the amps to reduce heating and possibly extend range.

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Please let us know how the 75/100 is either in this thread or a new 75/100 specific thread, I’ve heard a couple counts of shorted 3v/5v before the VESC turns on, otherwise it fills a perfect niche.

Will do!

@itsrow ,

I wanted to let you know how the MakerX 75/100 has been performing for me.

So far, approximately 150 miles in, it’s been great. My setup is a hummie deck, TB110’s, single drive Ant 63100, with two batteries I alternate between: 12s8p & 14s3p. On the 12s (30q) pack the settings are 100 amps motor & 80 battery amps. However I don’t pull more than 60.

Lots of fairly steep hills (live near Palos Verdes) and I haven’t yet experienced any thermal throttling.

So overall a positive experience.


Glad to hear it, on the list it goes!

Update on the Go FOC HI100. It died on me yesterday while I was on a steep downhill forcing me to ditch the board. Pads and helmet saved my butt, and the rest of the board is otherwise okay.

However, when I took the cover off to look at the esc, it is totally fried. I’m trying to figure out what happened. I ride a hummie deck and had everything secured inside the enclosure. Smooth road and no water or other debris involved. 12s8p (30Q): 80 battery amps and 100 motor.

Your opinions are greatly appreciated!!!

I was enjoying this esc very much so I’m really bummed out about this.

Pics of outside and inside:

If I had to guess it looks like either a phase wire or battery wire shorted through the case and right across the PCB


Thanks for your reply! What do you think I should’ve done to prevent this?

Hmm… Hard to say, I personally would try to contact MakerX about this, but the only thing I can think is just being aware how tight the enclosure is. Typically if the ESC is well secured so it can’t vibrate around and the wires aren’t bent at bad angles, I would think that vibrations wouldn’t be as much of an issue.

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I’ll contact them for sure. The last time I had an issue with one of their products they took really good care of me.

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The case is aluminum and I think people are shorting through it.


I think your first phase wire shorted on the case, prior to these situations I try to apply adhesive backed fishpaper above my battery and phase wires inside the metal case pretty much everywhere except where the mosfets contact through thermal pads.


dont use the case anymore :handshake: :zipper_mouth_face:


Hard to explain with words, this has protected my mini FOC plus from certain phase wire / battery wire short related deaths.


Glad to see you’re still using those!


Thanks again man, you sent the deal of the century. They’re perfect for what I needed them for and I love repping MakerX where I can.