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Hulk Shorty | Marsen 6374 | DIY FB Enclosure | Maker X Mini Plus ESC | 12s3p 40T |

EDIT: The almost finished product:

My next build will be my first belt drive!! I’ve owned multiple hub boards and two direct drives but thought it’s time I learnt about belts and gears.

I’ve ridden a bunch of belt drives but never liked the resistance when kick pushing. My knees are aging though and I kick push less and less haha

This will be a slow build and I’m still working out my parts! I know it’ll revolve around the blank 30 inch old school single kick deck shown in the pics and a single TB 6380 motor.

I was going to go with TB 220mm trucks but have some 180mm trucks on the way as I want something a little more compact I think.

Wheels I’m not sure either. I have some Evolve 97s or 90mm flywheels.

I’m not going to use that motor mount either as it’s too long. Going with the old TB mount and will mount inward.

I was a bit stingy with the fb cloth and cut it a tad too small whilst skinning the bottom. First crack at using fibreglass so hope it turns out ok. The enclosure will be a mission but @glyphiks convinced me to give it a crack haha


Let me know if you need any help

I love these builds


Legend @b264 ! Once I work out what I’m going to use I’ll probably pick your brains on ESC settings at least! I’ve read your single drive, short board build threads so taking some inspiration from you already :blush:

I plan on using the little tip I got from you on creating wheel wells with sandpaper on the wheels. At least to get the exact location and a general shape first anyway.

This will be a slow build!!

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Ah yep, that’s the one :+1: Grip tape already has the glue :ok_hand:

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You can dial it in, if any wheel is still hitting, just do that one a little more :ok_hand:

And they are in the exact perfect location :smiley:

And it’s easier when the camera is off, while holding a camera it looks more difficult than it is.

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Awesome!! Yeah once I work out my wheel choice I’ll definitely do this. Cheers

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Those are awesome parts, love a shortboard build. Following!


I’d use something kegel cored and wide. Maybe 85mm Caguamas or 110mm TB110 depending on how large you want them.

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Nice build I have a 28 short board its one of my fav. I often keep it in my car. Use it for sort trips to get coffee on weekend. Or in the park with my daughter. I made the mistake of doing rear motor and alway forget they are there so end up changing the vinyl wrap on them often. I really need to rebuild it. But I don’t want to mess with the magic.


I could get abec core wheels super cheap so went with abec wheel pulleys but will probably regret it. Yeah 110s too big fir what I want this for. I do love the 110s on my other board though!

Yeah it’s a tough choice whether to rear mount to get extra room for enclosure but I’m going to try inward mount and double stack battery. And looking forward to having a short board again. I really liked my Meepo Mini 2 ER, much to plenty of peoples disgust haha

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After attempting to glass the bottom of my deck I’ve learnt some valuable lessons!!! Firstly, use small batches of resin and thin layers. I ended up a bit lumpy trying to go too thick.

Secondly, ensure you put in enough hardener and/or mix properly!!! I put another two layers of epoxy resin on after sanding the lumpy layer back. Unfortunately I’ve either not mixed it properly or not put enough hardener in as it’s still tacky after 36 hours :sleepy:. First pic is lumps sanded back and second pic is the non-setting epoxy layer :man_facepalming:

On a positive, I’m much happier with the more compact 180mm hangers and smaller motor mount. Will definitely be using them over the 220mm hangers. Here’s a pic of a mock up:

Lastly a public acknowledgement to @glyphiks for helping me through my dramas! Cheers.


So after trying every trick in the book to get the last coat of resin to set it just wouldn’t go. Even stuck it in the oven for an hour haha.

I’m not relying on the old school kitchen scales for weighing ratios again! I’ve bought a $12 digital scale off ebay I hope will be more suited:

I’m not all that stressed about the bottom not being perfect. It’s got a rustic feel to it now I’ve got the unset layer off haha. Most of it will be covered up by the enclosure anyway. I managed to get a layer of cloth fibreglass on anyway so even if it’s not perfect it still should be stronger.

Definitely happy with the 180mm hangers over 220mm and had a little ride when I put the trucks when sizing up space for the enclosure. I’m getting excited as it’s already fun to ride without a motor lol.

I shifted the front trucks forward slightly for extra enclosure room. Thinking now of 12s3p 30q double stacked in 3 groups of 6. Mainly to keep the weight of the board down as I can definitely fit more if I want. I need to look at how many battery amps I will want to pull I guess?

I think I’m going to try utilize the antispark Volokno_esk8 made for me that was planned for another build. It looks super beefy so :crossed_fingers: it holds up. Loop key is an easy fix if it doesn’t.

Next step is to make a buck now I know the space available so I can get my first DIY enclosure underway :sweat_smile:

I’m going to have a crack at some sort of image for the top of the deck once I’ve finished the enclosure and glued my inserts in. Will keep that a surprise. If it fails miserably I can always just grip tape over the top haha.


I can’t agree more on these decks


How do you find the anti-sink plate on the short board? They are where you stand yeah so not sure how comfortable/awkward it makes things??

Even after reading multiple different ways of doing a DIY enclosure I’ve managed to make a mess of it. I’ve gone too cheap and tried combining techniques.

I know polyester resin is not most peoples preferred choice but I was given a fibreglass repair kit that had chop mat that requires polyester resin.

Long story short I went cloth then chop mat but those two layers didn’t bond well. I waited too long to shape the chop mat properly and it dried in a bad way. I cut off the excess with a blade and did another layer with chop mat but I’m not confident it will bond well with the previous layer as it had set too much. I only wiped with isopropyl instead of waiting 24 hours and sanding before applying the next layer.

I tried using household items as a release agent too. Did three car spray wax layers and 3 hairspray layers. Who knows what will happen when I try and remove?!!

I also went a little close to the edge of the deck with the buck! If this enclosure somehow miraculously holds together, i may do an extra cloth layer with epoxy resin on the inside as it’s pushed out further than I wanted. I guess I’ll wait to see how thick and strong it is and if the layers have even bonded.

I’m unsure if I bother trying to smooth out by sanding and doing an epoxy layer, or remove first and see if it’s holding together then sand. Probably the latter.


Any draft on the sides, or square? (Hard to see from the pics)
What’s the buck made of? Kinda looks like it might need persuasive removal (destruction).
Any mould release ain’t worth shit if the part is formed to enclose the buck. Hope it comes off easy!


It’s fairly square. I envisage a bitch of a job to get it off the buck which was made from foam gym mat and packing tape haha. I couldn’t care less if the buck is destroyed, as long as the enclosure stays in one piece!


Pull both off board.
If buck doesn’t come out, attack with box cutter and anger
Destoy buck, carefully
Enclosure intact

My last example

why TF is it upside down??!? :joy: