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How to use VESC with the Xmatic iPhone App?

Hey guys,

I am planning on buying a flipsky 4.2 VESC and I’m wondering what else I need to use it with the iPhone app. The requirements in the app description are:

  • NM10 BLE Module or Clone
  • NRF51 Module
  • Metr Pro Module
  • VESC (this one is self-explanatory)

Do I need all of those?
Any help is appreciated

  • NM10 BLE Module or Clone
  • NRF51 Module
  • Metr Pro Module

These 3 are different kind of Bluetooth modules, each are different, and could provide different features.

The best one is the Bluetooth module check it out here: The Definitive Guide to Metr App / Metr Pro

The other 2 modules are just regular Bluetooth modules, but I believe nrf51 is better (Someone confirms me on this)

  • VESC (this one is self-explanatory) (This is the ESC)
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Thank you for that

I just read it over, it looks like I will get the Metr Pro for 40 euros (i’m in the united states though).
How does it connect to the VESC though? And it’ll work with the Metr app and the Xmatic app? Just wondering.

It connects to the VESC though the Uart port.
It will work with metr and the xmatic app.

You can always put out a WTB ad to see if anyone has and is willing part with one in the states.

I used a HM10 module on Focboxes and it worked fine

hmm ok, good to know. Thank you everyone!