Going from 10s2p to 10s3p

I think you have a Mini FSESC 6.7, not a TrampESC VESC 6

It can be daunting for someone who isn’t used to all that stuff.

Here is how I’d setup a 75100 if I had one in a single motor board

  • Hook up the ESC to the motor
  • Download the custom firmware
  • Open the VESC tool
  • Connect to the ESC though a USB cable
  • Load the custom firmware. Firmware → Custom File → select .bin
  • After it loads and reboots:
  • Run the motor wizard.
  • Run the input wizard.
  • Adjust motor current / battery current based on what you know works up those hills.

Go ride.

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Aha right yes I’m pretty sure I’ve got what’s called the 6.7 pro mini. Not all VESC 6 created equal - I understand now I think.

And thanks jaykup for the step by step that’s a lot simpler than I thought it would be. There was all sorts of talk about FW and phase filters and other such expletives on that thread.

I just ordered the esc you linked and download the custom firmware from the 75100 thread - which .bin file do i use in the V2/alupcb folder? 5.2, 5.3 or 6.0? And ‘normal’ or ‘no limits’?

Its 4 weeks away according to aliexpress…

5.3 normal from the v2/aluminum pcb folder is what I’d use. The 6.0 is still beta (at least until 12/1)

Awesome. Thanks mate.

And thanks to everyone else who chipped in to help me understand ESC performance. One step closer to DIYing a board properly one day…