Flipsky VX4 remote

Is it this one?

Is it plug and play or do I need to solder or rebuild somethin

There are a bunch of options also. Which one fits
The VX4?

You’ll need to do some soldering.

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Choose the up down and return to the centre 502 5k version. You have to solder 3 wires. Buy a few and keep as spares, the install takes no more than 10 mins it’s very easy

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Been using factory branded FW from Apex without an issue for about a year, decided to update remote to 1.2.1 and receiver bootloader to 1.2 and fw to 1.2.1. Now there seems to be some problem with reading speed and other variables from esc as it randomly displays 0 everywhere for a second and then goes back to normal. The connection doesn’t seem to drop, as I have no issue accelerating or breaking any time and I get no vibrations from controller, I did have to turn off the low battery warning tho as this issue triggered the warning saying that i have 0% battery left.


1.2.1 i believe is for flipsky’s new non vescs.
Downgrade it to 1.2 should fix your issues.

I haven’t noticed any issues yet. The extra features only show when you set it to ftesc

How do I remove the case from the VX4?

Never mid. I realized there was a screw behind the sticker :joy::muscle:

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