Earthwing Supervalue I 10s3p I Dual 6374 170kv I Flipsky 4.12I

So here it is, my first build, or at least the first one I’m willing to share!
General principle of this build was to try and make a really good value for money esk8 that I can always upgrade but it must be useable until I get the cash for upgrades.
Big thanks to @Anubis his shop and group buys.

In general I’m happy with the build think I may have gone overboard making the enclosure double stack height and there’s a few small things I wish I did a bit differently. Next steps are AT wheels and a 12s-4p battery

So here’s the spec and a load of photos:

Deck - Earthwing Supermodel drop (extended the wheelbase to allow for at wheels in future)
Enclosure - diy carbon fibre wet lay (with a bit of glass in there too)
Battery - DIY 10s3p Samsung 30q banggood bms
Vesc - 2 off Flipsky 4.12 in custom 3D printed enclosure
Anti spark - Flipsky 2020 200a
HM10 Bluetooth module
Motors - c6374 170kv from nexus boards diy battle hardened
Motor mounts - dickyho with DIY cross bracing
Front truck - caliber 44 base plate, boardnamics 220 hanger.
Rear Truck - boardnamics 220 with adjustable baseplate at 30 degrees
Bushings - Boardside 93a Riptide Krank
Bushings - roadside 93a sabre (soon to be replaced by riptide WFB)
Wheels - Abec 11 97mm flywheels
Pulleys - nexusboards 15 an 40 tooth
Grip tap - Jessup ultragrip
Remote - mini remote



image|375x500 !




Impressive first build! the DIY spirit is strong with this one :fire:

What epoxy did you use for battlehardening btw?

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Beautiful build. I love how color of wheels match the color of the deck.

What was the process of making the enclosure? Do you have tutorial?

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I just some cheap epoxy from one of those dual syringe things with some glass spheres to thicken it up.

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Enclosure was made just like this but with mostly CF and only one layer of glass