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DIY battery "Rearrange"?

Hi all,
I recently picked up a meepo 40T 10s2p from another forum member here. I bought it as an upgrade for the 18650 20R 10s2p I was using before.

I am using a backfire enclosure and it doesn’t really fit (I have to use a big spacer), so I think I will need to take apart the battery and lie the cells in a different configuration to help it fit in the enclosure (I need to go from the cells being directly stacked on top of each other to having them in diagonal, like this picture)

I am also going to take this opportunity to bypass the meepo BMS and add more nickel stripping since I head that it’s pretty poor from factory.

One thing I think I would like to do is scrap the meepo BMS and add a couple more cells to make this a 12s2p pack. Backfire has a 20700 12s enclosure that would work perfectly for this and my cells in my pack have < 3 cycles on them.

Is this a poor idea? I figure since my cells have little use it will be safe to balance charge them all to match two new cells then add them in series.


Is the battery currently working? I’d be inclined to leave that battery as-is and make or find an enclosure to fit, or sell it and find something that fits better. Since tearing down a battery and building it back up is more work than just building one from scratch, I would just build a new one if I had that need.
Building a proper battery is such a ridiculous amount of work already without having to add the teardown of an existing, working battery to the list. My $0.02USD🍺


Yes, battery is working. Unfortunatley my VESC died a week after I recieved it so I haven’t had the chance to enjoy it :frowning:

I guess you may be right, however if I decide against the 12s idea do you think rearranging this one is a bad idea?


Some people think that riding electric skateboards is already a bad idea :wink:

It COULD work if you had the proper tools and expertise, but so much more work than starting from scratch. Also,since to re arrange the cells, you have to remove all exisiting welds, you’ll risk damage to the cells.

I’m going to go ahead and say that I do think it is a bad idea, although I’d welcome an argument to the contrary :beer:

Edit: maybe if you left the welds alone and just rearranged the series connections… maybe…(not me, lol)


Although it may make sense for real estate inside your enclosure rearranging a pack that is currently operational rarely make sense for your wallet.

If you head over to the battery builders thread you can see what all is involved in making a pack and what you would have to do to tear the pack down and rearrange it.

Meepo sells their enclosure’s for ~$30usd and is the cheapest out of the box option I can think of to use in this scenario.


Yes. There’s a popular fellow here who advocates against taking apart working boards and I would apply that double to perfectly working battery packs.

Sell or keep as a spare, and either build or buy the right battery made from scratch.

There’s a guy on the old forum who absolutely gutted/destroyed an Exway to turn it into a higher range board instead of starting day one with the right platform. Just does not compute for me.


That is one of my favorite @b264 rules


Damn that’s a shame, there is a dude who has done that here in Melbourne and actually done a really good job of it. Looks like it came from the factory

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