DAVEGA X Updates

So it has been a while since I’ve messed w my DavegaX units since they’ve been working good. I just updated my vesc6 to 5.1fw.

Does the latest DavegaX version support 5.x now?

I read the changelogs. It is supported. Thanks

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Will this work on an Evolve Board? (Asking for a friend)

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I would say likely not, since I don’t believe an Evolve ESC has a UART out. However, I’ve only seen an Evolve ESC like once, so I could be remembering wrong


This is why evolve should use VESCs

They would rather take your money than listen to you however

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It won’t work with the Evolve ESC. Only VESCs are supported.


I added an Awesome builds section to the DAVEGA gallery. Check it out. It’s quite some esk8 porn.

If you know about any other awesome builds featuring DAVEGA X please let me know.

@Creavenger @ApexBoards @PrinceRein @ThermalChild @Skyart @glyphiks @TYO @ahrav


What about me? :pleading_face::joy:

Ah, how could I have forgotten about the DAVEGA with ears?! :smiley: Sorry! Will fix that soon™.

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Need some good fotos?

That would be great! Thanks.

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I have a cool build with your DaVega.

mine is purple!


God, I fucked up. I ordered mine a while ago and never saw your email saying my order was ready to ship. That was over a month ago, so I hope its not too late >.<

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Not forgetting about the davega with ears. :smiley:

That one is just for aesthetics


I’ll respond to your email. We’ll figure it out.

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That one definitely belongs there! Thanks!

I have missed so many awesome builds.


And the front got even wider.


Awesome builds just received an update.

@Sn4Pz @Soflo @Mainflow


Any chance someone who registered to buy one a couple weeks ago would hear back soon?

The way purchasing works at the moment:

  1. You fill in the order form at davega.eu.
  2. You wait really really long.
  3. I finally email you to ask if you’re still interested.
  4. You confirm.
  5. I send the PayPal invoice.
  6. I ship out your DAVEGA one or two days after receiving the payment and send you the tracking link.
  7. It arrives within 2 weeks… unless you happen to live in Australia.
  8. You live happily ever after.

Reducing the (2) from “really really long” to at least “really long” is my top priority now. It’s harder than it may seem.


hahhaha. “unless you happen to live in Australia”. … too true. But worth the wait Janpom. I now have DavegaX installed on new subsonic deck. It is great. But yes, it took for ever to get here…