DAVEGA X Updates

It fixes the memory errors and the davega don’t waits for the data from the vesc and automatic backups, but if you don’t have issues, just leave it as it is. (Me FW 5.1 and 2.0.4)


The automatic backups are quite important. For me that would be strong enough reason to upgrade. Flash memory corruption has been reported a number of times. It’s still rather rare but if you’re unlucky you can loose all your data, which is annoying. With the automatic backups you’re safe.

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Is the tool the same way you load a custom boot graphic?

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You currently can’t use a custom boot graphic, sorry. I can make it work manually but I don’t have the capacity to handle all custom graphic requests. This has to be automated. I now have almost no time for developments as I’m trying to catch up on my long order list (lots of davegas have been shipped since July 1) and I also have two weeks of a vacation with my family (with strict “no davega time” rulez imposed by my beloved wife :slight_smile:). I’ll hopefully be able to do some feature work in September.



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Quick update about availability. As I already mentioned, I’ve been working full time on DAVEGA since July. One of the goals I set for myself was to handle all pending orders until the end of August and have DAVEGAs on stock henceforth.

Well, that was a bit too ambitious. I have still done a lot of progress. 70 units have been shipped out since July 1, most of them fully assembled.

Here are the numbers of pending orders by month:

  • May - 5 orders
  • June - 9 orders
  • July - 18 orders
  • August - 18 orders (so far)

The orders from May and June are ones for kits with a black housing. I ran out of these because of a silly mistake. At one point, I got too eager pre-assembling the kits and I have done a bit too many before I realized I don’t have enough unassembled kits left. Sorry about that. More will be available in September.

I’m out for a vacation with my family until the end of August so unfortunately I have to put the remaining orders on hold. I’m mostly out of the alu housings anyway though. More should be available once I’m back from my vacation and I’m hoping to get all the May and June orders sorted out in the first half of September. I’d like to have DAVEGAs on stock starting from October and this time I believe I’m setting a realistic goal.

BTW, I have a new 3D printer that I finished assembling two days ago. 3D printed accessories will be available for purchase soon.


There’s a new DAVEGA office/workshop as well.

Organizing all my esk8 mess took me about 3 days. Still not perfect but way better than having everything in random boxes in my kids’ room.

That lamp is awesome! It’s one that’s typically used in nail polishing shops. I love it for soldering.

Please ignore the soldering iron. Turns out that it’s not a good idea to keep your board charger and your TS-100 24V power adapter close to each other, especially if they both have the same power jack. Yeah, my TS-100 didn’t like the 42V so I had to temporarily fall back to my good old $5 Hobbyking iron until the new TS-100 arrived. :sweat_smile:

Never mind. These are actually already new pics with the new iron. Here’s the one you were supposed to ignore! :laughing:


Stoked for you man!

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After 3 months of shipping they finally showed up… completely soaked :sleepy: I guess das why they took so long. They was swimming here :tropical_fish: :fish:


wtf did someone take a piss on your package and kick it off the delivery truck?


I think it swam here :eyes::joy:. Yea idk lol. Never seen that before. Just drenched :beers:

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Guess when they say it’s from over the pond they meant through the pond :eyes: :tropical_fish:

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That’s really unfortunate. I’m sorry. Hopefully the units still survived undamaged since they were wrapped in plastic bags. Just for the record, this is not how DAVEGA packages are typically delivered. :sweat_smile: I have shipped out over 100 so far and there have been no complaints whatsover. Also, the shipping time to US is typically 1-2 weeks. I’m not sure what happened with this one.

I have a private thread with @ahrav and there will of course be a compensation should anything be damaged.


Hahaha… yea this is the first package ever from anywhere it came like this :joy:

I wish there was a way to tell what exactly happened cuz I kinda find it funny.

I’m pretty sure they will all make it… the red one had the toughest journey… but hopefully a nice leisurely day in some rice will get it back to normal :eyes::penguin:

It’s okay guys I took the double whammy… so everyone else can get theirs faster and dryer :doughnut::beers:

Also yes @janpom mentioned we got it squared away :volcano:


So it has been a while since I’ve messed w my DavegaX units since they’ve been working good. I just updated my vesc6 to 5.1fw.

Does the latest DavegaX version support 5.x now?

I read the changelogs. It is supported. Thanks

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Will this work on an Evolve Board? (Asking for a friend)

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I would say likely not, since I don’t believe an Evolve ESC has a UART out. However, I’ve only seen an Evolve ESC like once, so I could be remembering wrong


This is why evolve should use VESCs

They would rather take your money than listen to you however

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It won’t work with the Evolve ESC. Only VESCs are supported.


I added an Awesome builds section to the DAVEGA gallery. Check it out. It’s quite some esk8 porn.

If you know about any other awesome builds featuring DAVEGA X please let me know.

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