DAVEGA X Updates

This thread is to bring all the DAVEGA X info in one place. Currently it’s scattered over multiple threads and disorganized. This thread is going to be used for:

  • announcements, such as new version releases
  • technical support
  • Q&A about availability and purchasing

It’s NOT going be used for:

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What’s new


Firmware v3.x is out

The new v3.x is available as:

  • v3.2 bootloader
  • v3.1.2 firmware

The most important updates include:

  • automatic backups
  • stable firmware updates (no memory errors)


# v3.1.2 / bootloader v3.2
- asynchronous VESC communication
- support for dual BMS on CAN
- automatic backups
- update & backup made into a separate application
- press a button to reboot in case of a critical error


See the user guide for how to install.


DAVEGA X hardware v1.1

A few weeks back, there was a small update to the DAVEGA X hardware. The input voltage is changed from 5V to 3.3V.

When the unit connects to WiFi, power consumption increases and that results in a sudden voltage drop. The built-in voltage regulator sometimes does not manage to handle this, which results in the unit shutdown and reboot.

Taking 3.3V directly from VESC prevents the problem. This has been tested with various VESC types and is working well.

The latest orders already received the updated hardware.

An important thing to keep in mind is that the v1.1 must not be accidentally connected to 5V input since that would destroy the MCU. All the new units are shipped with correct cables. It’s still worth double checking since a human error can happen.

Here’s the connection diagram for v1.0 and v1.1 and for various VESC types:

Note that connecting the USB cable is still safe with the v1.1 units since the built-in voltage regulator is then utilized.


Are we able to request an alternative colour (Blue) other than Red/Black/Raw, if able to what would be the additional cost be?

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Not at the moment, sorry. You can order raw and get it anodized yourself. If there’s enough interest, we could probably have a few more color options made.


Is there an order form? What’s the price?
Where are the nude pixs?

Thanks Jan
That FAQ was so underrated :joy:

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Later I’ll take some DAVEGA pics for you with no screen protector installed. :smiley:

For now, here’s a sneak peek of what we’re working on together with @rpasichnyk. If you have the Metr Pro CAN, you will soon be able to get the real time on your DAVEGA X.


Hi, I ordered on 5/13/2020.

Which version will I be getting?

So we can expect a deeper integration in the future? Like showing GPS status of Metr CAN, being able to edit parts lifespan on Metr and all that?

Does this mean that you can essentially just use CANbus instead of stealing another UART port for the VegaX?

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Asynchronous vesc communication?

Updated bootloader / firmware and backed up my settings, all went smooth! Was curios and went through the settings, found “Reset session on charge” in Misc. I always wanted that :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Suggestion: make that option default to “yes”, it is too useful to miss


The new one. If you preferred the old one for some reason though, it can be arranged.

Possibly. There are a few other Metr/DAVEGA (MEGA :smile:) features we have discussed. I’m not sure how much I can still fit into the current DAVEGA hardware. Some of these features may need to wait for the next generation DAVEGA with more RAM. There will also be CAN, which will make it easier for Metr and DAVEGA to talk to each other.


Not with the current hardware but it is the plan for the next generation, yes. No ETA yet.

Currently DAVEGA has to use VESC as an intermediate for talking to CAN devices, such as FlexiBMS, DieBieMS or Metr CAN.

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For the most part, this is an implementation detail. Before, DAVEGA would send a request to VESC and idle-wait for the response. This was OK back when it only cared about the VESC data. Now, there are also requests for DieBieMS/FlexiBMS data and Metr data. Plus, there can be two BMSes (Bioboards uses that in their battery pack). In the worst case scenario, it’s already too much idle-waiting for responses and there’s apparent slowdown.

So now instead, DAVEGA sends all the requests to VESC without waiting for the response. It checks for responses after each screen update and if there’s one, the new data is reflected in the next screen update.

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Either way that’s pretty cool, will look forward to that coming out

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How’s the wait time looking on these?

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I uhhh put my name down end of Jan… shipped May 19th… thas all still waiting :eyes::joy::doughnut:


I put my name down months ago. Haven’t heard anything at all. Would be nice if there was a list that was updated so we knew where we are in line.