DAVEGA X Updates

I just talked to the anodizing supplier and from what I understood, the colors below the poll are pretty much what it would look like on the DAVEGA housings. The red indeed looks pretty much like the previous batch of housings.

So, yeah, the green is actually what I would rather call teal.

Those samples don’t have the titanium. The titanium is here:

However, as they explained, on this particular material the colors look different from they would look on the DAVEGA housing. They said the titanium would probably look darker on DAVEGA.


GUYS!!! Titanium does not look like oil slick. It’s Just another silver… cmon!!!


It’s a dark silver, which imo looks prety nice.


Oil slick is what I would love to see


I got quotes for the X-brackets. I should be able to sell them at around 250 CZK/pc (10 EUR, 12 USD) anodized. Raw may be even slightly cheaper.

The anodizing will likely be done together with the DAVEGA enclosures, so we’ll have black, raw, and probably titanium (you may still try to change that here).

I’m just not sure about the counts for old school / new school. Let me do another poll:

  • old school
  • new school

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Shipping update

I temporarily stopped offering International shipping with the Czech Post. The reason is that I currently have 4 missing packages that have been in the transit for more than a month. There’s still a chance they will get delivered but it’s pretty annoying. I may re-enable it or not based on the outcome.

Czech Post is still available for EU since I haven’t yet had any significantly delayed packages there.

For outside of EU it’s currently UPS only. I negotiated decent rates and for USA, in particular, it’s a pretty good deal.

I also added a new shipping method for the EU – PPL/DHL, which is generally a much better service than the Czech Post and for some countries (Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Poland) they are even cheaper (200 CZK flat rate, ~7.60 EUR).

Please check the Shipping & Tax page at the website for more details.


any chance uk is coming back?

I can ship to UK but you have to order more than 135 GBP worth of goods, i.e. get at least 2 units. (Or one and a lot of cables. :slight_smile:)

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i just need one cable as mine died and otherwise im just gonna be soldering lots of 20awg wire together

I’ll PM you and we’ll sort it out.

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Sometimes things happen like it’s magic.

Yesterday evening, I got an email from a guy asking if there’s a way to use the DAVEGA on a VESC based electric scooter. He specifically mentioned that he’s interested so that he doesn’t have to use “the ugly display by Flipsky”. I won’t deny that made me more eager to help him. :slight_smile: Nevertheless, I didn’t really have a solution. I asked him to send some pics of the scooter and suggested that we try to design some 3D printed accessory together.

7 hours later, a guy named Oren emailed me with a lot of positive feedback on his DAVEGA. “And by the way, here’s a picture of a handlebar mount I designed for my e-scooter. I also shared the design on Thingiverse.”

I love my customers. :slight_smile:



I got some Haribo bears. DAVEGA electronics for scale. I didn’t have a banana, sorry!

If you have done the Prusa 3D printer kit assembly, you know the drill. After each successfully completed stage, you get to treat yourself with some gummy bears.

I needed something to get that lazy I-want-a-pre-assembled folk motivated. If this doesn’t get me more kit sales, I don’t know what will. :joy:


giving 1 to me for free? :laughing:

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Just curious, what’s the percentage pre-assembled sales? Seems like it’s too high for you lol

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It’s about a half, even with the new kits. I’m honestly a bit puzzled by that.


Oh wow, you would think that I DIY community would buy DIY stuff but apparently not, interesting🙃


Yeah, exactly. It’s weird.


Already doing enough diy with the board? Just want to finish the project asap now without anymore headaches?


All spare parts are now available for purchase in the e-shop:


I’m not seeing my p groups displayed. How do I get the Davega to display p groups? Everything else is there.