DAVEGA X Updates

Just tried out the new upgrade tool dude. Literally just hit yes and it did the rest. Super easy! Great job!!!


Perfect! That’s how it’s meant to work. I’m glad it’s actually working. :slight_smile:


Yeah man. It’s super easy. Already did 2 of my 4 Davega’s and all is well in the world! Seriously good job Jan!


I’m thinking of having some X-brackets made to match the DAVEGA housing. I could have it all anodized together to get matching colors.

I tried a few different shapes. I would like at least a minor resemblance with the DAVEGA baseplate. I started with some rectangular shapes but all looked pretty dull. At the end I just retained the corner radiuses of the baseplate and the countersunk holes and added some cutouts to make an X shape. X shape is good since I can then call it the “DAVEGA X bracket”. :slight_smile:

Here’s what I have so far. Still not sure about it. What do you guys think? Any other ideas on interesting shapes?

New school bolt pattern:

Old school bolt pattern:


I printed a test piece and I like it. I’m going to get quotes on them and will have some made if the price is reasonable.


I got an UPS account and decent negotiated rates. Shipping a small package (1-2 DAVEGAs) to the USA is now around 33 USD. It was ~56 USD before.

UPS is now enabled for all location with a real-time shipping cost calculation. There have a been a few hiccups with the Czech Post lately so I hope that more people will now use the UPS.

Some locations (like Canada) are still very expensive to ship to with UPS so I’m keeping the Czech Post as an alternative. It may be slow and quirky but it’s still only 15 USD flat world wide. Plus, the route to the post office is quite a pleasant walk and the ladies there already know me and let me drop off the packages without waiting the line. :slight_smile:


Everyone please go for Czech Post :czech_republic::czech_republic::czech_republic:


Not that I’m too worried that my wife ever reads this forum, but just to be clear: The ladies are mostly near my grandma’s age and by “dropping off the packages” I mean the actual thing. :laughing:


So when would the blue be coming around. I think i want to wait for that to be available

Would I update it to v4.05? I’m assuming it has 4.01?

Could you just spray paint the silver one?

For a unity would it be 7 pin or 8 pin? And what’s better acrylic screen or glass?

Yes, go for it.

You can always downgrade back should you not like the update.

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7P. Glass is better unless you jump or do other crazy stuff.

The current plan for the enclosure manufacturing is to have a new batch made every 3 months and do black, raw, and a new color.

So a limited batch with a new color should be available every 3 months. The next batch is coming in ~2 months and I haven’t decided the color yet.

I’ll find out what the options are and we can have a vote.


I wonder what new color would people prefer for the next batch. Here is the list of available colors:

  • green
  • purple
  • blue
  • gold (yellow)
  • orange
  • titanium

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Edit: Some more details here.

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also oil slick???

Of course Markus wants green :smiley:




Green from picture is not green at all :stuck_out_tongue:

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