DAVEGA X Updates

Sweeeeet. Can you give a rough estimate of the cost increase? Like 10%?

I’m afraid it will have to be more like 25%, otherwise there’s just not enough to make the business sustainable. I’ve been largely living on my savings for the last 6 months.


Sounds good! That’s not too bad, and whatever you have to do to be able to make a living wage :+1:. Your product is good, so people will buy it. Wish you all the best


Hey Jan, just a quick question. Should I update my Davega? I’m stuck to FW 2.04 :laughing: :sweat_smile:

Best if you wait a week or two for the official release of the v4.x.

DAVEGA on Thingiverse

I opened an account on thingiverse:

Currently the only noteworthy thingie is the angled riser:

Some time back, I printed a few for @Ace and he seems to be happy with it.

I may be adding other goodies later.

You can also find other useful user contributed accessories here:


Here is a thicker riser if you dont have a flat deck at trucks so the install plates gets a little bent when you tight trucks hard.
davega display tjockare.stl (38.1 KB)



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Updated DAVEGA X demo

  • Explains all the basics
  • Showcases the latest features
  • Demystifies the mysterious two digit green box (that sometimes mysteriously changes color)

1.25x playback speed recommended. This is quite long and I don’t speak fast even if I try my best.


Has your issue been fixed?

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Not yet, @janpom sent replacement parts to see if something is wrong with the Davega. I haven’t received it yet, think it shipped on 1/5/21, so hopefully soon.

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Glad to hear you are still getting helped. I wouldn’t feel confident getting one otherwise.

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What you achieved so far is quite impressive !
I have been stoked by the analytics part ! Good job !

During the video we could see that sometimes the Davega failed to communicate with ESC #2 and BMS. Actually, it’s like one over 10 tries which fails.
Do you know why ? CAN issues ?


Yes, it’s a problem at the FlexiBMS side. Simo has already fixed that in the firmware. I just have to install the update.

Thanks for the kind words. It means a lot coming from you.



The new DAVEGA e-shop is finally up and running. I’m first announcing it here since I’m sure you guys won’t freak out if there are any initial hiccups. I have tested the e-shop thoroughly. Still, it’s new and it’s the first time I’m on the vendor side of an e-shop. Should you experience any issue, please let me know and I’ll sort it out ASAP.

Currently, you can only order the new DAVEGA X kit. I’ll be adding more items later – 3D printed accessories, spare parts, and maybe even some non-davega esk8 stuff.

Red housings should be available in about 2 weeks.

First orders will be shipped out next Monday since I only collected the next batch of housings before yesterday and they still need to undergo the laser engraving. That will be done over the weekend.

New DAVEGA X kit

Pre-assembled DAVEGAs are no longer available. The new kit is very easy to assemble and doesn’t require any soldering. I may still offer the assembly service later as time allows but I expect a high inrush of orders initially and I don’t want to fall behind again.

Here’s an overview of the new kit and the assembly process:

Detailed assembly instructions are available at the DAVEGA website:

How long will I wait?

I plan to keep the DAVEGAs in stock henceforth. I currently have enough parts on hand to handle around 100 orders. I also managed to identify reliable suppliers and I can backfill most parts in about a week.

A potential bottleneck is the PCB assembly that I do myself by hand soldering all the components. Should there be too many orders I may not be able to keep up. I do have some ready to ship though and I have also already become quite efficient in the assembly so I don’t expect this to be a problem.

In general, I aim to ship within 2 business days after receiving the payment.


As I already indicated in one my previous posts, the price went up about 20 EUR for the kit. So you’ll now be getting the kit for the former price of a pre-assembled unit. Why is that?

Three reasons. First, there have been some improvements in the kit and you’ll be getting a few extra bits. There’s a glass screen protector in addition to the two acrylic protectors. There’s a rubber tape that makes the installation of the protector very easy. And the buttons come with pre-soldered connectors. The connectors now have flexible wires, are made to order and are fairly expensive.

Second, prices of some parts went up. Displays and cables are more expensive now.

Third, after reviewing the last year it’s clear this business needs more funding. So far I’ve been in the “let’s see what happens” mode and I mainly worried about delivering a good product rather than about making money. Going forward, I need to worry about both though since this is now my full time job and I have a family with two kids to support and my savings won’t last indefinitely.

I believe the price is still reasonable considering you’re getting CNC-machined alu parts, hand made electronics, and software that received hundreds of hours in the development time. Also, most of the manufacturing is now done in the EU (alu parts, screen protectors, cables, PCB assembly).


Please be sure to read about shipping here, especially about the specifics of the economy shipping.

Accepted payments

All orders are charged in CZK. You can have the prices displayed in EUR and USD but this is only approximative. Note that the EUR/USD prices are based on fairly bad exchange rates, which may be as bad as (or even worse than) what your bank will give you.

Only credit card payments are enabled at the moment. PayPal should be enabled within a few days.

Transaction costs are charged to the customer. This is 2.3% for card payments and will be about 6% for PayPal (yes, PayPal is very expensive).


EU customer purchase including 21% VAT that’s added at checkout.

Shipping to UK

The e-shop currently doesn’t accept orders from the UK because of this after-Brexit madness. If you’re in UK and would like to purchase from me, please message and we’ll figure something out.

Shameless link to Pictures and nothing else for more attention. :innocent:


Will this work with the ubox spintend esc? The ubox is able to communicate with the battery to display p group voltages on its compatible remote so does this mean the flexibms, diebms is not needed?

It will work correctly for displaying the ESC telemetry. Reading the Ubox BMS data would probably be possible with some work on the firmware side. I haven’t looked into this yet.


It works fine with the Ubox, just have to make sure to use the custom firmware from ubox for correct voltage readout


You should have someone in the uk to get these out, will work out better for us brits without paying to much customs and taxes