DAVEGA X Updates

That’s not a DAVEGA problem. It just reports whatever voltage the VESC reads. If it’s off, that’s a VESC problem.

I would double check with an accurate multimeter before making conclusions though. It might be that the watt meter is off.

The reason that your battery doesn’t get charged to full may be that the series are out of balance.


Fair enough, I’ll look into it further.

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Got mine today, this think is gorgeous. Thanks @janpom !


I fill out the form, to purchase, a couple of months ago. Still no response.

It was just 1 month ago (Oct 5). I’ll contact you in a a week or two. I’m still a bit behind with handling the orders but I’m catching up. Some people are greedy and mess up my estimates. :sweat_smile: Often I look at the order list and I’m like “okay, this is just 10 orders, 2 will probably bail out, so I’ll need about 8 units to sort it out”. Then I open up the notes and there’s “I’d like 2 units”, “can I have 3 units please” so I end up needing 20 where I accounted for 8. :slight_smile:


DAVEGA Analytics

I implemented very basic analytics for the DAVEGA data uploaded in backups. This will work best if you have automatic backups turned on and upload your DAVEGA data to the cloud on regular basis.

You can check it out for your own device at https://davega.eu/analytics. Or, if you don’t have a device with enough data, you can look at the demo. That one currently shows the data for my own DAVEGA.

I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested in the functionality so I didn’t spend much time on it. This was coded in one day. If people like it and use it, I’ll be happy to extend it though. The features that come to mind include:

  • custom time intervals
  • imperial units
  • set/save default list of datasets
  • additional datasets
  • custom chart title
  • shareable links

Please let me know if there’s anything particular you’d like to see implemented.

Important: If you’d like to share your analytics with anybody else, I suggest that you currently just take a screenshot. Keep your device ID confidential. User accounts will be created at davega.eu at some point and the device ID will then be used for associating the DAVEGA unit with your user account.

I’m sure somebody will ask about the “km/h delta” and “Wh/km delta”. These show the speed/consumption at the current datapoint since the previous datapoint. For example, having two datapoints with:

  • distance (km): 20, 50
  • time traveled (h): 1, 2

The avg speed would be as follows:

  • avg speed (km/h): 20, 25
  • avg speed incremental (km/h): 20, 30

The diff between the first and second datapoint is 30 km and 1 hour, which implies 30 km/h avg speed whereas the overall avg speed is 50/2 = 25 km/h. I hope that makes sense.


I’m preparing some significant firmware updates. Official release is planed to January. I’m looking for testers.

What do testers need to do?

  • Install a new type of bootloader using instructions I provide.
  • Use it.
  • Get back to me in case something is not working.

What do testers get in return?

  • Early access to new features.
  • Opportunity to shape the new features.

What are the features?

  • already implemented
    • Improved firmware updates. No more connecting to USB. Ever.
    • Improved performance. Faster startup, faster screen updates, faster screen switching, faster menu.
    • Improved memory management. No more memory errors. No reboot at automatic backup.
    • Recent v3.4.0rc features:
  • on the roadmap
    • Reading data from multiple VESCs.
    • Screen customization.

Please PM me if you’re interested in testing. I’ll setup a private testing group. Cheers.


you should take that as a compliment to your product design and development. there is obviously demand for your product in a niche market. Good Job!

with that being said. ill take 2 :smiley:


Excited to test this!

Did you rewrite everything in C? :grin:


Haha, I was pretty close to starting on that. :slight_smile: Fortunately I figured out ways to optimize without leaving the micropython platform. I’m really glad. Rewriting to C would take me weeks at the very least and then C vs micropython is like a shovel vs a digger. :slight_smile:


A shovel takes less place than a digger :grin:


The next batch of DAVEGA X enclosures is being made here in Brno, Czech Republic. Today, the CNC company allowed me to come see how the machining is done. It’s pretty cool. I have some vids as well that I’ll post later. A little bit of editing is needed.

Update: Here it is. https://youtu.be/idqe52wVMFk


Very nice


Aw yeah :heart_eyes:

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It’s Czech Republic, not Kazakhstan

Looking good @janpom, specially the multiple VESC support


I’m looking for someone to test the new glass screen protector. This is actual glass. So far DAVEGAs have been shipped with acrylic screen protectors. Acrylic is more durable than glass but it’s also very prone to scratching. When I pre-assemble DAVEGAs, if for whatever reason the screen protector requires cleaning, I just toss it in the bin directly since it’s impossible to clean it while keeping the pristine condition. Even microfiber cloth leaves (small) scratches.

The glass is much better in this respect and I believe it will retain pristine look for pretty long. On the other hand, it may crack more easily. I’d like to test how much it will endure. Basically I’m looking for someone who will manage to break it while riding. :slight_smile: I’ve been using mine for a few dozen kilometers and it’s been holding up well so far. I don’t ride too hard though and I never jump.

Any volunteers? MTB guys would be best. @Creavenger maybe? @Saturn_Corp?

Note that you’ll need to replace the protector on your DAVEGA which is a bit tedious.

Should any DAVEGA get damaged due to a cracked screen protector while testing, it will be replaced at my expense.


If you don’t find anyone closer to you to test, I’ll test for ya. Would even just pay for 3 to replace my existing ones.


Sounds good, untill now my screen is still fairly nice. I tried to refrain from wiping the screen when I can and blow it clean with air, so atm it still looks decent. I would be open to try out a new screen, although I dont ride as much recently, since the weather is rubbish so if you want more hardcore testing fast maybe another person would be more suited? Anyway it would motivate me to ride more :wink: plus shipping would be fast to The Netherlands I suppose. What glue do you use to glue the glass onto the case btw?


You can ship mine with glass, I can test it for you. Everyday rider here :wink:

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I’m Up for it too if you still need testers

How thick is the glass?

I’m mounted solid too so no rubber under my davega

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